There's nothing to make yourself happy.

I'm desperate. It doesn't make any sense.

I'm not interested in anything. I don't want to go shopping, sing, drink, eat, etc. I don't want to go at all. I get upset when I see people. Plastic surgery doesn't work for me anymore. What else can I do? who else can I rely on? Do you expect that lsquo; to rsquo; 's people to save it? No, no! No, I don't want to see anyone.

I don't want to be world-weary either. I want to live a good life. But I thought of the ridicule of those people, after the cold shoulder. The heart that I want to die comes up again. Do not get the recognition of others, as long as look down on, resulting in their own inferiority complex. I suffered instead of getting the life I wanted. what fun is that?

Yes, I am still young, but I am sensible enough to know how to cry in pain. I seem to be able to see the rest of my life-maybe crazy or struggling and maybe more, but I know it's not what I want.

So, let me bury my own unwillingly.