Suddenly, I don't like you anymore.

A long time ago, I thought about the future for many times. I thought about what I would look like one day when I finally gave up on you.

I thought I would wake up on a sunny morning and find that I no longer like you and start my new life.

However, I found that I was wrong. In fact, after I started a new life, in an imperceptible influence, in an ordinary moment, I suddenly found that I had forgotten you for a long time. All of a sudden, this is very sad.

I always thought my relationship with you was great, so its disappearance should be a sensation. However, in fact, its disappearance is silent.

Finally, I found that my secret love is small and unnoticed. One day now, I told my old friend that I seemed to like someone. Old friends will not mention your name, but quietly listen to my new relationship. One in a hundred people will ask you what about xx? Is there any contact.

Then I will think of you, and I will not know what to say for a while.

I used to, really, really like you.

I don't think I will have this kind of love for the second time in my life. Your slight mood swings will cause my tears to flow into a river. You are not only my God, you are all I have.

I still remember clearly what I said to you, what I talked to you, what you said about me, and what you said was a joke or the truth. I remember the first thing you said to me, and the last thing you said to me recently. I remember the nice things you said to me. And I remember the cruel words you said to me. With so many words, I don't know how long I will remember. I know I will be a little happy or sad when I recall these things.

But I don't think I'll ever play like that again.

I don't know about your recent life anymore. I'm not that interested anymore. I no longer expect what kind of impression I will leave in your heart, and I will not imagine what kind of position I will occupy in your heart.

You are still that kind of person, you are either sensitive or heartless. You can either talk to me or not. You either show up in my life or disappear. I don't mind like that anymore. I will no longer announce to others that I have given up on you.

Because the real giving up is always silent.

A certain year, a certain month, a certain day, a certain moment. I found vaguely and clearly that I don't like you anymore.

A long time ago, I thought such a discovery would make me happy. However, the truth is that when I type this passage at this moment, my heart is sad.

What scares me most is not that I can't give up on you. But one day, I suddenly don't like you.