At this moment, my tears are flying

Originally thought that in this world, men do not have tears, men will not cry, but I was wrong, until now know that men are the saddest and most painful people in the world. What many women do not understand is that men cry, just to pretend, but we flow out of our inner grief.

Just because there is love in this world, it is love that makes us very vulnerable, and it is love that brings us to this sad corner to cry. I thought men's tears could not fly, but now they are basically men's tears. I always thought I was the strongest, but the reality still let my tears fly.

I know, it is my tears in the fly, is so little tears away from people, Didi does not regret. If, as you said, everything is virtual, why do I feel so real pain, such as once so enthusiastic hope. Hope your message comes from afar, the warm feeling rises from the bottom of my heart, moistens every cell of the body, soft and sweet. If it is really virtual, I would rather write the future in the virtual, as long as there are you, the real in the virtual will make me laugh like summer flowers. Just know that you will not give me another chance, so determined, sonorous and forceful, resounding. Let my heart, a little bit fall, fall in the depths of the cliff. Never see the light of day again.

My tears are flying, but you don't understand my sadness. Let my thoughts gather into a river, there is no happy song. In the years to come, it is still sunset, people come and go, but when I miss you, I hope you can also think of me, even if it is a touch of feelings, faint memories, will let my heart feel a trace of warmth. Gratitude, but also at that moment, embellish today's desolation, from then on, people all over the world. Just do not know, I should choose the way to forget, forget you!

My tears are flying, who is all this for? There is no romance in front of the moon, no romance, no love together every day. Only the occasional conversation, the occasional silence, and my sigh from the bottom of my heart, the sound slides across my heart, always filled with infinite love, wanting to love you and love you. But because of the distant distance, I can only care about the wind, blowing through your window lattice every night, and the broken voice makes me murmur, accompanying your loneliness every night.

My tears are flying, cold can not find the shoulder to snuggle up to, independent wind, I am no longer your only most beautiful! Just want to the back as the last scenery, left to you, once the Iraqi, chic walk, gorgeous turn around. Always leave happiness to you, tears to yourself, happiness to you, sour to yourself, relief to you, helplessness to yourself. Never had any extravagant hope, just hope that the friends around me will be happier and happier. There is too much helplessness in the world, why do we have to make it ourselves?

I'm forcing myself to forget her as if she never came into my life. But she must have walked in, the more forced, the more intense her heart, often picked up the phone, dialed the string of already familiar numbers, when it rang, I hung up nervously, because I do not know what else we can say, let her come back to me? Do we get along as friends? Impossible, I really can not extricate myself from her, if time can dilute everything, why do I still miss her so much? You want to be with her so much?

I know that the rain flying into the sky is my tears, tears drooping to the palm of your hand is your aftertaste. Understand that true pay in exchange for parting, I know that after love will be heartbroken. I believe that love is not forever.

The sun slowly shines on me, and my soul feels the pain of tearing. I know that the nostalgia for you makes me finally unable to escape the bad luck of being scattered. At the moment when I am about to disappear, you and my tears overlap.

Tears are indispensable in my life. Now, looking out of the window at the endless sky, maybe you can see my tears flying in the sky like the messengers of mood. At this moment, my tears are flying.