What exactly do you want to do with Baidu?

In the past, the author was used to using Baidu search, once calm and peaceful, but did not find any drawbacks. On the contrary, I felt that it was presented one after another, as vast as the sea, all-inclusive, with a clear view, with large information capacity, vertical and horizontal manipulation, Bao Ju Yu, up to astronomy and geography, down to social encyclopedias, celebrity anecdotes, all-inclusive, it can be said to be a real electronic encyclopedia.

Baidu search is not limited to one style, will be about my content under the command, mainly the major portals and newspapers and magazines published entries as well as information about me. The highest number of search results reached 120000, which made me grateful. It makes me feel like a fish in water in searching materials, browsing and visiting other websites, and I am familiar with it. It has undoubtedly become a good helper for me to broaden my horizons, store knowledge and recharge myself, and bring me a lot of convenience in work. This is also an indisputable fact.

However, in the past two years, the situation has changed dramatically, and the author has found that Baidu is a mixture of fish and dragons, mud and sand, hiding dirt and dirt, and there are some bad information and a lot of unsatisfactory places, especially the ability to belittle and suppress me, of which there are three times. Once, in the fall of 2013, Xinhuanet put one of my articles on the front page if Li Tianyi was acquitted. After causing controversy, the verdict proved that my view was correct, but since then my search results have plummeted and gone from bad to worse.

For the second time, this spring, I once again aroused fierce controversy among netizens because of an article that Huang Haibo should be tolerant of prostitution. As a result, it was clear at a glance who was right and who was wrong, and I played the winning ticket. But Baidu repeated its old tricks, and the search results fell again from 60000 to 50% to 23300.

Recently, the author occasionally browsed, only a few thousand! I am surprised, how my article upload website published more and more, but the search is not up but down, it is really new!

Later, I finally found a rule: posts that are close to the party and the government, support the government, safeguard the law, and support reform will be mercilessly suppressed! The reason for this is well-known to Baidu, I am afraid it is no accident and coincidence. Of course, the line is like a mountain, not to mention it, it is not clear. It may also be a software failure, or it may be artificially controlled by the background.

A few days ago, a blog post rationally interpreted the decision to reform the old-age insurance system from the keel wasteland to the people's net powerful community, which encountered a strong response from netizens, which caused an uproar. Online bricks flying around, scolding a lot.

As commercial portals such as Baidu pay attention to the discussion of social hotspots, it is understandable to include some views in search terms in order to increase the click rate and attract netizens' attention. But what surprised people was that Baidu did not discriminate, grasping eyebrows, eclectic and one by one listed a lot of insulting words, but turned a blind eye to the refutation articles I published later! It should be said that Baidu's tendency is very obvious.

It is particularly emphasized that this entry does not have any explanation, which is not only the title, but also the content. How awkward and funny! It is almost the same as the slogans of the Cultural Revolution. It is strange and inconceivable that my reputation has been greatly damaged.

I can't help but ask: I am not a celebrity, or a social dignitary. What is the purpose of concentrating so much foul language and negative information on the innocence of people? Is it cloudy and clear, highlighting social fairness and justice? Or practice the core values of socialism? In addition to the crackdown, to meet individual people's desire to peep, so that the author is notorious, do not see any legitimate motive! Do you want to force me to pay for the deletion of posts? So dare to ask: what is your social responsibility first? Where can the professional operator find it?

360 safe browsing website is a famous domestic search website, he also collected my relevant entries, but he did not distinguish between the good and the bad, but to distinguish between the good and the bad. If the lamp is not lit, it is not clear whether it is reasonable or not. They also listed my rebuttal articles at the same time.

I don't want to say any more, the hatchback is in contrast, Yan Yan is determined. Readers will naturally come to a conclusion! It doesn't matter if you don't want such a search engine that tramples on human dignity.

In order to protect my reputation, Baidu is required to delete insulting entries within three days, otherwise, please return to zero. Otherwise, I will appeal to the law for an explanation. Don't say no.

(Ma Dingqi / tr. by Robert Taylor)