If you break up, you will naturally have the scenery that you did not have when you broke up.

I love you not only because of who you are, but also because of who I am when I am with you.

I love you, not only because of what you do for me, but also because of what I can do for you.

Lost and recovered things can not return to the original appearance, no matter how good, also can not forget that there was a period of time lost.

It is not the best time with you, but I have the best time with you.

Since then, I have been waiting for someone, someone who can accompany me for a long time.

Vows of love and love are not my original intention, and romantic romance is not my pursuit.

All I want is a warm and affectionate companion, and there is someone I can miss anytime and anywhere.

Do not deliberately, do not always talk about it, but in my heart is a smile.

That section belongs to you and my memories, I buried it in the separation of that day, the blink of an eye will be a year.

Memories fade away, re-open the gray diary, still miss.

Thank you for that beautiful and sad relationship, let me step on the road of re-search, and meet the scenery that I will miss when I am with you.

Love, full of mystery, makes me fascinated, and my feelings are carefully protected by me.

After all, I have experienced a relationship that I can remember and ended in separation.

I have been alone on the road without you for a year, in this year, began to think, full of expectations, miss the past.

In a trance, I stood at the bright intersection, any one has nothing to do with you.

At this time I said to myself, happy breakup, happy anniversary, I can find a better one.

I wish her a real happy breakup.