Can not wait for the sweetness of love, waiting for the bitter aftertaste

Count the tears, wait for one if possible to think of, so that I can hold your hand again

Flow dry heartbreak, wait for a possible meeting, so that I can reappear in the bottom of your eyes

In the face of memories, wait for one to reach a consensus if possible, so that I can get close to you again.

Count the scars, what is left in our life, long hair, miss so far, the shadow is too lonely, the most afraid to the end someone is far away, but some people are still reluctant to give up.

There is a clear consciousness that love will not come back, but I still want to wait for someone in this life.

One kind of end is that some people have gone, some people are still waiting, and there is no reason to leave.

If the world, we do not understand why always in a daze to someone, can not avoid, not far, your eyes swept me, but my eyes have been printed with you from now on.

Wait until the cold wind cuts into my heart, wait until the green hair is stained with ice flowers.

When the words are engraved into a tombstone with my name and a past.

By that morning, someone was determined to leave, and no one could hear anyone say that loving me would be a lifetime commitment. Wait until the last sentence, actually, I love you very much! Tell yourself.

When love becomes heartache, there is no turning back; when love becomes heartache, one regrets.

Wait until love becomes a memory, bond with a hangover; wait until love becomes a passing beauty

You were sincere at that time. I was sincere. It's just, we all missed it later.

I want to love you so much, but I can't love you.

I want to wait for you so much, but I can't wait for you.

Wait until the pain has become the extreme, wait until the pain has become a cold every night, only to admit to myself: I really love you!

When we get there, we each look around for excuses, but we can no longer excuse ourselves! Wait until tears hold hands and cry, wait until you can no longer guess the direction of the wind, I don't know if you ever loved me.

Maybe we were too young at that time, maybe we were too simple to know what love is.

Wait until there is always a you in Yun's thoughts, but I don't know if there is a me in your heart.

Wait until the heart of the cloud is full of rain, but I don't know if there is a me in your story.

When we can't guess the weather tomorrow, we still don't know what we are in each other's eyes.

Wait until you can no longer understand the color of each other's pupils, sunset into a quarter moon, someone is far away, someone knelt down in place and said, if you leave very reluctant, then look back, there is a person here waiting for you to come back! I really care about you!

The flowers fell and the leaves fell, but I could no longer dance with the expression of sadness and heartbreak in front of my eyes. Where exactly will it be tomorrow? Wait until the day when we really meet, hold you tight again and again, or wait until we can no longer have the opportunity to pass by.

Wait, wait.

Wait, wait,

Wait, wait,

Waiting can not be too long, but I am afraid that even the dead vines will fly away.

Love always becomes the end of breaking up, hugging always becomes an extravagant imagination, true feelings are always out of luck with the true people, and some people are doomed to watch and be lonely for a lifetime.

Can't wait for the sweetness of love, we wait more for the bitter aftertaste.

Can not wait for a happy ending, we wait for more heartbroken do not know how to retreat

There is no more fate forever, happiness always becomes an illusion of camouflage, feelings always fall aside without a return point, some people are doomed to a lifetime of loneliness, waiting.

Let the time come a little more sad, a little bit more sad, a minute deducted a second. Cold night frostbitten body, but no frostbite memories, touching their own wishes in the dark, hurriedly, embarrassed, someone cried so bitterly, but no one heard.

Pain always becomes sharp, piercing blood, but it will not be passivated, the original miss is the most painful in this life. Meteors all over the sky are whose love is flying, whose wishes and blessings are unlimited, time is less than the time to embrace each other with the heart, for love some people have learned to break their hearts.

Still waiting for someone to appear, in a trance, it seems that someone comes from the air, but wakes up in a dream. After many years, we are still unable to fly out of our own beauty in the air before we can turn the cocoon into a disc. Love can not be laughed off, it is not our fault, it is all because we are too attached to love.

You can't ask for anything more. What some people want is to break up. His eyes were cold, and the words he gave were still on the table. Some people are still waiting for time to give an opportunity for someone to think of it occasionally. Until all the waiting turned into winter snow until the cold night is cold, some people may have forgotten, but some people still have not forgotten.