I don't want to lick yesterday's wounds alone every long night

Time flies, counting the years between fingers, it seems that you have been gone for a long time. Once thought that in the days of flow, I can forget you, when the whole world is silent, missing, like a runaway Mustang, wantonly fiddling with painful strings.

Countless times, want to be full of noisy atmosphere, forget the taste of sadness. When tears, has become the only way to interpret, whether, my Chinese years, has also been replaced by gray theme. It is said that love is a bet, and those who fall in love first become the ultimate losers. Perhaps, in this play directed by you, from the beginning to the end, I am only a supporting role, no matter how the interpretation, but can never escape, set off the fate.

Perhaps, the pain is too thorough, so that, in the days when you left, I have become, no longer myself. In the dead of night, I can't help remembering the dribs and drabs we have passed, and those past events like the wind are like an invisible sword, piercing my numb nerves.

I do not know, such a walking corpse life, need to last how long, clearly promised to forget, but also remembered, originally, my heart, has not promised to give up you. Always in the deserted street corner, holding a trace of luck, thinking that as long as waiting silently, maybe, a few years later, you will look back again and take a look at me.

When time mottled the memory, until the end to understand, to me, you will always be an iceberg of a thousand years, no matter how to give, you can not see my existence. Outside the window, the light snow is falling, quietly savoring this chic chill, just as at this moment, my cold heart lake.

In the twinkling of an eye, Valentine's Day is back. Looking back on the past, you were in such a season, you wanted to spend time with me, but at that time, we were far away. On the other end of the phone, the sound of your helplessness surrounds my tightly fastened heart, as if in an instant, all the fragrance is broken.

Perhaps, I let you wait too long, gradually, has faded away the initial throbbing. I know that even if I don't want to give up, I can't stop you from becoming someone else's scenery. Time, read season after season, never dare to count how long you left, afraid of this heart riddled with holes, tearing pain again.

How are you doing in her world? Whether, also like at that time, live so unscrupulously, laugh like a madman all day, can not remember how long, never heard you scold me you fool. Do you know? I like to hear you scold me, listen to you hurt me, because that way, I can feel, full of happiness.

Actually, I don't know why. I care about you so much, I can't say it, I don't know. In my heart, you do not have half an advantage, the whole body is flawed, as long as a random point, the fault is more than fragrant sales, and I, is in love, can not extricate themselves in love, there is no reason, just, fell in love.

Along the way, can let me recall, so much; can let you recall, but so little. Perhaps, you never care, say break up, unexpectedly can be so determined, I cry so sad, you no longer pay attention to. Now, everything has come to an end, and even the right to wait and see from a distance has been deprived by you. In this way, we walk in a strange mezzanine, leaving only my thoughts circling in place.

If I did not meet you at that time, will my life not be so messy and linger for too long, thus forgetting the direction of the original choice. If the encounter with you is destined to be washed with my tears, then I beg you to take away all the memories about you. I don't want to lick the wounds of yesterday alone every long night.

Unfortunately, these are only if, I still can not escape, think of the fate of smiling or sad, this fate, this is called powerless.

If you can, please let me forget quietly.

PS: fate, this is a reincarnation, thank God for letting us meet each other in the most beautiful years. If forgetting is the ultimate destination, then why do I always think about it? is it true that my destination has long been lost.