Sad goodbye, let me reluctant to give up

Flipping through cell phone records all the way.

Too many memories gush in my heart and repeat

I wondered when I could forget you.

But the feeling of dependence makes me reluctant to give up.

Sighing happiness, I can't do anything to keep it.

I can only bear the loneliness you give me in place.

My friends say I'm too stupid to be worth it for you.

But I think as long as you come back, I think it's worth it.

Once said why those vows are so humble.

The future you said was ruthlessly destroyed by you.

You can't even say sorry when you lose your love.

No matter how much I give, I can't get it back.

You take away time but leave me more tears

Can you feel my heartbreak when you live in your own world?

All that's left is the ring wrapped around my finger

I make a wish that you can change your final decision.

I can't get through to you, and I don't know how you're doing.

Every time I hope and muster up the courage to call you

But what I hear is always a voice.

If you could come into my heart and have a look

I'm sure you'll cry from heartache.

Because it's all the sorrow you gave me.

Do you feel ashamed to see me like this?

If I could go into your heart and have a look.

I'm sure I'll cry in pain, too.

Because you gave it all there. It doesn't matter.

I'm drunk and tired.

Knowing that now I finally know everything.

You can't have love with your heart.

It was you who made me trade back a painful lesson on you.

How can I be reserved again when I love you?

I don't expect you to remember me forever.

I taught you how to love, but you've avoided it.

No matter how much you say and sing, it can't be better than a song.

How much I want to hold hands with you, just keep walking like this.

Author: Weining