There's a deep love called no more contact.

There is a kind of love in the world, obviously deep love, but destined not perfect, obviously deep love, but had to leave, obviously deep love, but to wait hard, there is a kind of love, you no longer contact, but desperately miss each other, knowing that there is no result, only empty waiting, hurt and hurt, you are still waiting, do not abandon this deep feeling, knowing that there is no way ahead, your heart has long been unable to recover.

Because we love each other deeply, we have no extravagant demands, no complaints, no one is wrong, love in the world, love words have no solution, phase, is a beautiful chapter, cherish, is a kind of love sublimation, phase, is a rare tacit understanding, gradually, we can only immerse in such an ending, any time such as running water, leaving a desolate life.

Time is fleeting, that unforgettable love, gone forever, those regrets and helplessness, still wandering in the mind, dust scattered, feelings, goodbye, or draw a period, how many regrets, into a drop of tears, several turbulent, several indulgence, no matter how deep love at that time, become distant and clear, predestined love, no fate, perhaps the greatest helplessness.

In my most beautiful years, I met you deeply loved, then we laughed together, cried, but also struggled for our love, ruthless years or old for a period of time, I experienced the sadness of the years, the cruelty of fate, my pain and missing can only be hidden in the bottom of my heart, no one cares, no pity.

In a blink of an eye has passed nearly a year, in those countless days without your company, I have countless times want to contact the impulse, and finally were their own cruel strangulation in the cradle, because I love you, so compassion, because I love you, so silent, I pretend to be indifferent to alienate you, just because I love you, I do not want you to continue to indulge in this meaningless emotion, I think you should have your own life, belongs to your love, belongs to your future.

My love for you, still waiting in place, silent days, still continue to stage, those promises, seems to eliminate the summer heat in July, let the hot weather no longer warm up, I still miss in your direction, listen to ravings, murmur that part of the reluctant love, since you left, the distance between the world, will be a miss separated in this shore and the other shore, dare not imagine holding hands, I am afraid to think.

Love will linger can not control, dare not think about the scene of departure, I am afraid to think about it, the heart began to pain unbearable, this kind of contradictory state of mind, perhaps only oneself can understand, in a specific time, a specific occasion, choose deliberately escape, but also regarded as the only way to save oneself.

We know each other, we can not go to the end, not you ruthless, not me ruthless, this is my most sincere words, my departure, not because I no longer love you, but I can not give you the expectations and results, although I know I care about you so much, but I can not selfish, can not deprive you of the right to love again, so I can only in such a helpless night, write down a piece of bloody heart, with the passage of time, I will keep you in my memory silently.

Distant lover, I really can't do without you, can't forget you, thank you for appearing in my life, I will continue to wait for our love on the road of the world, no regrets, if the heart knows each other, silent happiness, if the heart is tacit, silent also know each other, what do you think?

Some people are destined to go further and further, some people even thousands of miles apart, even if they can not see each other's faces, but always will hold hands, despite the obstacles of thousands of miles, still deeper than the sea, farther than love.

From then on I will be a person, alone in the lonely castle, silent in the wind, silent in one season after another, there is a deep love, called no longer contact!

Author: Cold Eyes