It was never seen again before I said goodbye.

Not all parting can say goodbye, often without saying goodbye, it will never be seen again. To say goodbye to the distant you in my heart, everything will come to an end under this portrait.

Once thought that "good-bye" expresses a kind of expectation, looking forward to the next meeting. I have said goodbye to you many times, and every time I finish saying, I very much hope that time passes quickly so that I can see you again as soon as possible. I want to say goodbye to you countless times in the rest of my life, can always be together, will be reluctant to part, will look forward to meeting, until we leave this world.

Unfortunately, we can not go to the end of life together, we can only meet the end of feelings together. I thought we would have a formal farewell and solemnly say goodbye to each other with blessings. As long as we say goodbye, we will walk out of each other's lives back to back, and from then on we have nothing to do with each other.

But I didn't expect that you would leave early and leave me alone. You seem to have no nostalgia for me and this feeling, and at last you don't even want to say goodbye, so you leave chic. Accustomed to saying goodbye, I never felt that such a simple word could be so heavy, and there was a fear that it would become a pity.

It turns out that "good-bye" has another meaning, that is, never to see again. No matter whether the goodbye is said or not, the two people who have come to the end will part in the end. It's just not like I thought that two people leave at the same time, but you go first, as if I was abandoned by you, still waiting for you to turn around.

It was never seen again before I said goodbye. This is also good, you will not see my last tears for you miserable appearance, will only remember my most beautiful appearance. It's over, wipe away your tears, bid farewell to you as a passer-by, I will continue to walk my way.