See you in May. Hello, June.

See you in May. Hello in June.


Just like this in your one vegetable, one meal.

Her stitch and stitch

His frown and smile passed.

The summer wind carries the heat that is not yet an adult.

Go up to the southeast and be punctual for the appointment

Wander over the city

June is coming.

June is like the first ripe seed.

Blowing over the earth and mountains.

Elaeagnus angustifolia flowers, peas and willows.

They are all luxuriant and luxuriant.

The window screen reflects the flickering shadow of plantain.

In the depths of the mountains, the plums are yellow.

A rack full of roses turned into a courtyard of incense.

See you in May. Hello, June.

Hello, June.

Here the trees are thick and the lines of poetry are hot.

Heaven and earth, faith, life, all things

They are all in high spirits.

Light along the mountains and rivers

A prelude to summer

Invite thousands of years to enjoy with you.

To live hard.

To live clearly.

Don't ask for everything to go smoothly.

Just do everything with all your heart.

Good or bad is the gift of time.

If you feel depressed and suffering

Then stick to it.

The tiredness and unbearability of the eyes

All lay the groundwork for the future.

See you in May. Hello, June.

Hello, June.

The rivers and mountains are stable here, but the wind and the moon are easy to change.

When the sad spring and autumn go into a dormant period

We wander through the years together

Keep saying goodbye and keep looking

Like a young man with a thin spring shirt at that time

Love and laughter are all in the dream.


Like a comma on the school playground

Separate the new from the old.

White shirt, jeans,

Canvas shoes, pleated skirt

A snack bar that bought snacks together.

Are lost in the farewell bell after school.

June is both the beginning and the end.

Now that we have today,

Just feel it.

See you in May. Hello, June.

Hello, June.

The sun boils and misses you when it's sunny.

When it's cloudy, the rain pours on you.

May you have hugs and kisses

If there is a sigh, it can be firmly caught.

May the things that make your heart shake

Can be turned into tenderness in the end.

The quiet flow of time between you and him

Over the years

Across the mountains and rivers.