Actually, I'm just a clown.

If the big stage, I can not find a corner to stop; if the big life, but I do not know where to go from the beginning is crazy to now so silent, I do not know what time has changed, or I really recognize: I am just a clown, a clown who can only live in the laughter of others.

Sad, no one can understand, not really do not want others to know that they are sad, just understand: your sadness is just a tool for others to make fun of you.

No one can really understand you, understand you, happy, sad, only you know, only you can find comfort for yourself, there will always be a kind of inexplicable sadness, is lonely, is lonely, a long way of life, a person's journey, I don't know when it will come to an end. The heart loses the temperature little by little, leaving only the remaining temperature to support this smiling face without temperature.

If, one day, I stop laughing and making noise, it will be that I am really tired.

If, really one day, please do not say that I am weak, I have been holding on for a long time, but, you do not know