To my lost youth

I thought I was gonna cry.

I didn't expect to use everything as an excuse

I thought I'd give it all up.

And you're still looking for some unrealistic reason

I thought I lost everything.

But it turns out that there is still a touch of sadness, two lines of tears, three years of waiting

The constant is the pursuit

Forget more than reason?

Obsessed with constant waiting

How to fulfill that wish?

How do I get this emotional response?

A hundred years without regret

And you're telling me how to go back to square one?

The heart changes with the past

Love only increases but does not decrease

Fathers love like mountains and mothers love more than ever

The original oath can not be fulfilled

Who will make up for this shallow feeling?

Silent Spring

Heart, like rain lingering

Lost at the intersection of youth

Waiting to be held.

Who will stay for me at the crossroads?

Or who will keep me?

More than that?

The same face never loses warmth

You paid for my youth.

You're the one who fulfilled that endless promise.

You lost your beauty for me

You're the one who made it sweet for me.

In memory, the face has become old, and now the white hair has been spotted

Time passes and love grows stronger

Failure to complete studies

A blank answer sheet in life

I owe you a debt I'll never be able to repay.


I wish to accompany you for a period of life

Author: Return