What is the meaning of life?

What is the meaning of life? this question arises only when a person is confused, does not know who he is, reflects deeply on himself, and feels that his life is empty.

Most people may have been plagued by this problem before, or will be troubled by it in the future.

But the question of "the meaning of life" only bothers us at certain moments in life, which in itself shows a lot of problems.

The essence of the concept of "meaning of life" has even been exposed at a glance.

I don't know what the meaning of my life is, but this sentence can be expressed in a more accurate way:

I can't feel "sense of meaning" and "satisfaction" from my present life.

At the same time, I lack a "long-term plan" or "vision" that does not deviate too far from my original heart for the future.

So I don't know what to do.

Therefore, the essence of the meaning of life is that you can get a "sense of meaning" and "sense of satisfaction" from the present life, and at the same time have a roughly clear "long-term plan" or "vision" for your future.

When a person is troubled by the "meaning of life", there will be the following five situations.

First, he has been fooling around for a long time, never knowing what he wants or how he wants to exist. There is neither a sense of satisfaction and meaning from the present life, nor a long-term plan. )

Second, he seems to be happy all the time, and may have achieved a lot of success in the secular sense, but he always feels unhappy. Can get a certain sense of satisfaction and meaning from the present life, but their own plans for the future deviate from their own heart. )

Third, he has a long-term and good plan for his life, but he is always anxious and manic, and he can't rest assured. (unable to get a sense of satisfaction and meaning from the present)

Fourth, he may have no problem all the time. He has a long-term plan and has always been able to experience satisfaction and happiness from what he has done. But gradually, he lost interest in life and feelings, the whole person lost a lot of vitality, will have a tendency to depression or the idea of becoming a monk. This kind of person is generally more capable and accomplished, because he has the ability to experience and feel many good things in the world, so his feeling threshold is constantly increasing, so that almost nothing in real life can stimulate him. )

Fifth, everyone will have moments of lack of meaning, such as emptiness, confusion, fatigue and so on in his or her life. This lack of meaning is a normal state of mind that everyone has. )

To sum up, when people struggle with the meaning of life, it is not because of the lack of "sense of meaning" and "sense of satisfaction", "in line with their own heart", "long-term planning" or "vision".

When we have all three, we will not think about this problem at all, but will integrate and enjoy our life wholeheartedly.

So at this point, I still haven't given the answer to the question "what is the meaning of life?"

The reason is that the answer to this question does not exist at all. (there should be tomatoes)

The answer does not exist because the question itself is a wrong question.

The meaning of the word meaning itself is vague and polysemous, and the word life has too much generality and extension. if these two uncertain words are put together, the problem will not have a clear logic.

Because the logic of the question itself is confusing, you will find that it is impossible to give an accurate answer at all, and it seems to be possible to answer it from many angles and on many levels.

However, this does not mean that the problem is so broad and profound that it does not prove how philosophical it is, it just naked proves how lacking logical thinking and critical thinking are in this world.

You only need to read simple Logic, an introduction to logic, and you will find that the conflicts between many people are ridiculous.

How stupid people are who tear things up for women's rights, political ideas, Big V's character and so on.

The most fundamental reason why people think about the meaning of life is that

Now he can't feel the sense of meaning and satisfaction from his life.

And he believes that the reason why he can't feel the sense of meaning in his present life is:

He didn't find the meaning of his life.

This is also taken for granted by many people: as long as I find my "meaning of life", I can calm down, no longer anxiety, confusion and emptiness, but full of happiness to enjoy every second of the moment, I will be able to have a happy life.

But the problem is that the meaning of life is not something you can find.

It is not an objective external thing, nor is it hidden in your heart. The essence of the meaning of life comes from your own "meaningful actions".

Many people know that the meaning of life is created by themselves, but they do not understand the true meaning of this sentence.

The original meaning of this sentence means: when you do what you like and think is meaningful, you will naturally feel a sufficient sense of meaning and satisfaction.

But when you try to find the meaning of life, you will not find it, or even farther and farther away from the meaning of your life. Because of your "deliberate" so that you can not fully enjoy and understand the feelings of what you are doing.

So is that the answer to do what you like and what you think is meaningful?

Neither is this. (another piece of sigh)

Because for a person caught in confusion, emptiness and negativity, he can't find anything meaningful that he likes to do.

The fundamental reason is that his life is not "wonderful" enough.

He has been in his comfort zone since he was born.

He didn't try to do his best for a goal.

He dodged failure for fear of injury

He did not experience the pain, serenity, and reflection of failure.

He didn't really see how much potential and power he had.

He is afraid of losing face, of being alone, of losing

So he only chose the safest and most mediocre roads to take.

Such a person, he has never had a chance to know himself, he has never experienced the real life, how can he talk about realizing the "meaning of life"?

You must listen carefully, this is not encouraging your chicken soup, nor is it urging you to work hard, but you must be aware of the fact that you could have done a lot of things, instead of covering your ears and closing your eyes and pretending that you are all right. Pretend to be such an incompetent person.

Of course, you have the right to choose to live a peaceful life in your comfort zone, but you must also realize that in such a life, such negative feelings as emptiness, boredom, unrighteousness, depression, etc., come from social contrast and attack, and so on. You also have to bear.

You have no reason to bemoan why there is no sense of meaning in life, just like you can't choose to sit on the fire pit and complain why it's not cool enough.

What's more, a person who has not experienced great winds and waves may not be qualified to say that he likes a mundane life at all.

It is often doubtful whether your choice is your choice or not.

So here I would like to make it very clear to you:

Get out of your comfort zone more.

Do more things that have not been done before, dare not do, or avoid doing.

Try to build more relationships.

Try to achieve a goal that you have repeatedly given up in the past.

At any time, I don't think the specific suggestions in an article need to be written too clearly, because the key point is whether you really understand it or not.

When you figure it out, your whole mindset changes naturally, and you will refine what you need to do and make a plan for yourself.

And if you haven't really figured it out, it's no use giving any more advice.

At this point, you stop and try to ask yourself, try to feel the thinking you've been used to, the problems you've always resisted, the perceptions you've been using to deceive yourself.

Ask yourself: have I really figured it out? (is everyone thinking?)


Left Bank: in 1928, Hu Shi said in reply to a letter from a certain man, "I read the book carefully and finally felt that you were bound by your own cocoons." Find yourself a problem that won't be a problem. Lsquo; what is the meaning of life? & rsquo; actually this question is easy to answer. The meaning of life is all found and created by each person: noble, despicable, pure, dirty, useful, useless, all by his own deeds. If you are willing to bury this six-foot body on daytime dreams, that is the meaning of your life. If you cheer up angrily and are determined to seek the meaning of life and create the meaning of your own life, then every day you live will have meaning, and if you do something, it will add meaning, life will be endless, and the meaning of life will be endless.