The most hurtful thing will always be: language

In a word, it is very light and makes people feel nothing.

In a word, it is very heavy and makes people pierce the heart with ten thousand arrows.

Language is the most powerful weapon in the world.

It hurts people without seeing blood.

It harms people without a knife.

A word of truth makes people warm.

A heartless word makes people chill.

A mocking joke makes people angry

A word of encouragement is reassuring.

Language is the most lethal.

It hurts to tear the heart and crack the lungs.

It makes people collapse in an instant.

No matter who you get along with

Be cautious in your words and deeds.

Don't say anything hurtful.

Don't say anything harmful.

Maybe you didn't mean to.

But others listen intentionally.

Mouth, it's for eating.

It's not for nonsense.

Language is for communication.

It's not meant to hurt people.

No matter who it is

Don't speak harshly.

Often when a cruel word comes out

You can't take it back, and you'll regret it for a lifetime.

How many friends do you have?

There are no more exchanges of opinions because of the wrong words.

How many couples are there?

The relationship was severed because of harsh words that hurt your dignity.

In this world

Language is always the most hurtful thing.

It goes straight into the heart like a sword

It extinguishes love like a basin of ice water.

No matter how angry it is.

No matter what it is

Don't say bad words to each other.

When words are spoken, they are heard.

As soon as you hear it, you get into your heart.

People can't remember good words.

Bad words hurt people's hearts.

The wind leaves a sound, and words leave pain.

Language is always the most hurtful thing.

From now on,

Be a man of cautious words and deeds

Don't let words break your heart.

Don't regret your whole life because of cruel words!

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