Suitable for yourself, is life.

Life is sometimes just a glass of boiled water

Whether it's hot or cold.

As long as the temperature suits you.

Life sometimes has thousands of tastes.

Sweet, sour, bitter, salty and astringent

As long as the taste suits you.

Life is still the alternation of seasons.

Whether it is spring, summer, autumn or winter

As long as the climate suits you.


In fact, it is a real effort.

What suits you is the best.

No matter when

Don't judge a person by your own standards.

Don't let your emotions involve innocent people.


Everyone exists independently.

Different experiences, different thoughts.

Different hobbies, different orientations.

Don't forget at any time

How important it is to learn to respect others.

You can't be too bossy.

A person who is too bossy.

It is difficult to make bosom friends

You can't be too selfish.

An overly selfish person

It's easy to trap the world in its own corner.

Be a human being

There should be a passion in your heart.

My eyes are full of expectations for the world.

A life like this

It's not worth your life.

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Be who you really are!

Treat fate with a sincere heart

Love yourself with a gentle heart

Treat life with a good heart.

Feel the beauty of life wholeheartedly

Find a way of life that suits you

It's so good.