The scorching sun

From winter to spring, it was summer by then.

Summer is coming, there are good and bad

The bad thing is to take away the cold.

The good thing is to bring it to the heat.

Warms people's bodies.

The heart is exhilarated and inspired.

Summer flowers are like fire, but they are gentle.

And beauty, without losing the vitality of life

No matter how hot it is, they still want to beautify it.

And fragrant, the individual of the earth

After a burst of lightning and thunder

The heavy rain came as scheduled.

The heavy rain roared the people

The land you love

In exchange for autumn days.

The harvest and joy

Farmers are happy this autumn.

For a century.

Because they're so happy.

Again, every year, they

They are all very happy at this time.

They are the youngest and most beautiful at this time.

Grow in spring and grow in summer, bloom in autumn and fruit in winter

The four seasons have witnessed the growth of all things

The growth of all things promotes the four seasons

They help each other.

Building a beautiful earth together.

Let's sing and dance

Celebrating the gift of the earth

We are walking on the road of life in the spring breeze.

Ride the wind and waves and forge ahead

We are fearless of the sun, fearless and sentimental

Because youth is with me, happiness is with me.

The years are with each other

These four seasons are gifts from nature.

These four seasons are day after day, year after year.

An immutable law

These four seasons are so beautiful, this world is so beautiful.

I seem to have arrived in this world.

The degree of obsession.

I can't live a day without him.

Because I'm afraid of sadness and loneliness.

I bear the bitter wind in winter

Sharpen swords on the top of the mountain

I feel sick with shortness of breath.

Soon, the sword was sharpened.

It is bright and sharp, and can cut the sun and the moon.

Can split the stars and vanish in an instant

The scorching sun evaporates the world, but

He and Ruize, the beautiful land of China.

He is the last song in the world.

He is a good poem of the years.

He is one with the earth.

Bless all living things

Day after day, year after year

Spend every day like this boring.

In fact, the cutest thing is still human.

2019. 07. 12, light rain

With the wind, a hundred miles of Taihu Lake in Anhui Province