The raisin warms the heart of

In July, the sky is clear, the breeze is not dry, everything and youth are particularly high-spirited, and everything looks beautiful.

In this short teaching day, Chenming practice team received an unexpected surprise of two boxes of heavy raisins. This was sent by the parents of Yingqi students who took part in the activities of supporting education in Chenming, but the team members of Chenming practice left before they could thank them. It was a silent action full of warmth.

Every member of the Chen Ming practice team ate raisins, and one after another said that the grapes were very sweet and delicious.

The sweetness of the raisins has entered the hearts of every member of the team and warmed everyone who has been paying silently since the activities of supporting education. Reading and appreciation of American articles

This warm move of the parents is enough to prove that the teaching support of the Chen Ming practice team is meaningful and supported by the parents, which is a great encouragement to the Chen Ming practice team members. The team members are grateful, but also feel very lucky to have the opportunity to come to this school, very happy to have so many active and lively students to participate.

A small pick carries not only the wishes of the parents, but also their recognition of the Chen Ming practice team. These two boxes of grapes are not only a precious gift for Chen Ming, but also an unforgettable memory for every team member of Chen Ming's practice.

College students' short-term support for teaching may not change the status quo at all, but they open a window for their children to see the outside world, which can affect them more or less. At the same time, college students will also be moved and grow up.