Orchid flower

Another spring, though gone,

But praise and eulogy

It's still crowded.

Orchid also known as Clivia,

To indicate the noble qualities and sentiments of orchids

Orchids mostly grow in unusual places,

For example, deep in the bamboo forest cliff

High in the mountains

Her appearance is refreshing.

photographic memory,

Her fragrance will also stimulate your nerves

Deep in your heart

Remember when I was a kid, my friends and I dug bluegrass flowers together.

As soon as I see her leaves

We'll just take our picks and dig down.

Sure enough, there's a reward for every effort.

A complete orchid flower has been obtained

Go home and plant it in the ground or put her in a pot

Waiting for her to bloom

Sure enough, after a while,

She opened up.

She's so green,

She was so charming,

She smells so good.

She's a beauty.

How much I want to breathe her fragrance and sleep quietly,

Immersed in the world of flowers

How much I want to keep this other spring,

They're so nice this summer,

So fascinating.

In spring the grass and trees turn green,

Everything indicates the arrival of life,

They're beautiful beyond words.

How lovely they are.

So this is how profound the universe is?

The mystery of cosmic regulation

Everything balances nature.

This is their accomplishment.

How I wish the years would pass

See more of these bluegrass flowers

Hear their fragrance more often

And now I've finally decided

We should plant many kinds of orchid flowers at home

Let the neighbors soak in the flowers all day long,

Let them be beautiful,

Let outsiders praise me,

Then I'm really happy.

May there be more modest gentlemen in this world

They are willing to give alms,

Happy to share happiness.

These are fond memories of childhood.

Let them imprint on our hearts

Forever engraved,

Always brilliant and beautiful

These gentlemen will inspire us.

Go forward in the journey of life

Orchids. Orchids. You're the best.

The cutest people, we must be good

So I can protect you and let you shine

The most beautiful life, let you remember the heart of mankind


Anhui Taihu Lake, Hundred Miles