If you treat it sincerely, you will get the truth.

The ancients compared their hearts to their hearts. Treat others with sincerity, will eventually win the sincerity of others; then cold-blooded and unsentimental people, will also be moved by each other's enthusiasm, and bloom colorful flowers.

On the afternoon of July 19, the Chenming practice team held an afternoon painting class with the children in Yinwu. This class is different from the traditional painting class in the past; in the painting class, Chen Ming teacher combines theory with practice. After telling the theoretical knowledge of painting, Chen Ming made use of the existing pigments and devoted himself to practice to show how to mix and match colors correctly in front of the students, so as to make the whole picture seem to be in discord.

After the young teacher has finished the presentation, it means leaving the stage for the students. In the process of students' practice, they each have their own thoughts and seriously to complete their works. As time went by, the children finished their task. In watching their works, it is surprising that the children's works appeared in the figure of the teacher Chen Ming; what is more surprising is that the children happily gave their works to the small head teacher who accompanied them day and night! Reading and appreciation of American articles

Seeing this warm scene, I can't help recalling the scene when the Chen Ming practice team first arrived. When the children first saw the team members, they all showed a look of vigilance in their eyes and did not want to get close at all; perhaps it was because in the following teaching life, Chen Ming teachers treated them sincerely, took good care of them, accompanied them, and cast their concerned eyes on them all the time, and it was because of this that they won their honesty and precious friendship.

Therefore, treat them with sincerity, and finally get the sincerity of each other. I also hope that the friendship between the children and Chen Ming will last forever. Won their honesty, with a hard-won precious friendship!