I have forgotten that the sky is blue

Wake up in the early morning fog, open the door, went out, the oncoming spring breeze is like a mother's soft and loving arms, I think, in this morning, facing a ray of morning light, walking in the mountains, must be a beautiful scenery. So he walked into the woods at his own pace.

The road to the woods is winding, and the outside is covered with weeds. The morning dew hung on those slender leaves, like grains of pearls. I went to the depths of the forest, the birds on the branches had got up early, chirping in the branches, and some flew to the high sky to look for food.

At the moment when the sun hung on the top of the tree, I went to the depths of the forest, where was a blue pool. From a distance, it was green. When I looked closer, I saw the color of the sky and the color of the clouds under the sky. I also saw the birds that flew out in the morning to look for food. they rotated twice in the water and flew north. Leaving only a vague shadow on the surface of the water.

The sky reflected in the water is blue, which reminds me of the city and the sky where I live now. I looked up and saw two gauze-like clouds floating in the silent sky. The sun fell slightly on my head through that layer of gauze, and it didn't do anything to me. It made me feel warm. I looked at the silent blue, as beautiful as a dream that had not yet bloomed in my heart.

Suddenly, I saw a car passing at a very fast speed on a spacious road, pulling out a thick black smoke and raising the yellow sand all over the sky. I saw the face of the driver in the car, whose face was excited. I don't know why. That face makes me hate. Suddenly, I saw a factory, where there were mountains of steel, shining in the sun. But what I am concerned about is the chimney behind it, where there is billowing black smoke into the sky, as if it is a road connecting the ground and the sky, as long as you follow that road, you can climb into the sky.

I was walking in an alley, and the spring breeze gave off an unpleasant smell, and then I fell asleep.

When I woke up, I went back to this deep forest, and I saw this blue sky again. I made a comparison between this sky and the sky where I lived, which gave me a feeling of heartache. This sky is blue, and the sky where I live, the sky is a kind of desolate black. The sky was silent, and there was noise above the place where I lived, and all I could hear was a loud noise.

Yes, this can cause us to think deeply. Under this sky, what have we won? once upon a time, I forgot that the sky was blue, I forgot that Rain Water could drink, I forgot that the sun was mild, I forgot that the clouds were as light as gauze, I forgot that the water was transparent, I forgot where I was, the fragrance of flowers, and the joy of birdsong.

This can't help asking me what the development we hope for and what construction has brought us. It also makes me think about what makes the sky no longer blue, the water no longer clear, and the flowers no longer fragrant. I cast my contemplative eyes to the sky, and I think it has understood me. It told me that our future would be more miserable, which made my tears fall down on a yellowish flower under my feet. And then fell to the ground from the petals.

I left, and before noon, I knew that the mountain forest was seeing me off, but I could only see my back, and maybe one day I could only see the wreckage of the mountain forest. Their wreckage will stare at my body again.

Later words: let us cherish this blue sky!

Author: Yuezi Frost Maple