Hometown, branded with the green mark in my heart

Yes, it is an unforgettable green at a glance. Natural, fresh, tranquil, elegant, simple, are synonymous with her, how many times have appeared in my dreams, in broken and cold desire, quietly and elegantly like a little woman, showing her charm. That is the cradle where I grew up, but also nurtured my mother. I take root there, sprout there, and thrive there. My hometown, my mountain, my mother.


When I went home in early June, I was in a particularly good mood when I sat on the bus speeding to my hometown, with unspeakable excitement and joy. I was tired and tired all the way. When I got on the bus home, all the tiredness and tiredness were covered by this joy, and my heart was full of excitement. I really want to fly to my hometown immediately to see the changes in my hometown and see if my busy parents at home have added a few new wrinkles to their cheeks.

The car is running on the asphalt, like my mood at the moment, more like a curling bird's eagerness to return to its nest. Along the way, what comes into view is the fresh and comfortable green, green grass and green trees. Looking up, the sky is clear blue, that blue, as if to wash the heart, empty and boundless. When you take a bus, you always like to sit by the window. You can open the window, plug in the headphones and quietly enjoy the comfort of more than an hour.

Open the window, let the cool breeze across the cheek, wantonly breathing with a touch of freshness and the fragrance of flowers and plants, how refreshing fragrance, no city air pollution, no city noise. Leaning his head against the window, I watched the neat rows of poplars running behind me, like playful children, playing hide-and-seek with me. Unfortunately, I am eager to return, and I have no intention to pay any attention to the leisure of those poplars.

My hometown is getting closer and closer to me, and the appearance of Dashan is becoming more and more familiar. When the car stopped, I knew I had returned to my hometown that I had not seen for a long time. Far away, my father came up to me. I waved hard and greeted my father. My father was carrying my luggage, and my father and I walked home side by side. All the way, full of greetings from uncles and aunts from the village, the children came back. My father said happily that he had just come back. I say hello to my uncles, aunts and aunts all the way. A few simple greetings are enough, and a smile represents all the words they want to say.

Such cordial greetings and care can only be felt when I return to my hometown, and that innocence and beauty seem to have become the symbol of my hometown. June in my hometown is a green and verdant season. Looking ahead, the mountains are covered with green, and the village is also wrapped in this thick green.

In the evening, after dinner, the afterglow of the setting sun still falls on the top of the mountain. I told my parents to go to Yangwa Mountain, which I hadn't seen for a long time. Yangwa Mountain is a mountain near our village. it used to be our children's castle and our paradise. We spend too much time in that mountain.

Yangwa Mountain is the most beautiful in June and where it snowed. In June, a new green, the mountains are full of apricot trees, although I have missed the apricot blossom season, but I caught up with the green season. As soon as I entered the village, I could go up to the side of the mountain, stop and go all the way, take pictures and capture every wonderful moment. Step on the unique red soil on the mountain, curiously squeeze the soil in the hand, how can the research be red? When we were young, this dirt was our favorite. We always liked to have nothing to do to dig some, then mix it with water, fall hard on the ground, or make something we like, and then show off to our friends. In retrospect, these have become everlasting memories, the soil is still red, but we never dig it again.

Walking in no hurry, taking out my mobile phone from time to time to take a picture of the novel flowers and plants, and taking a picture of the apricot tree covered with apricots, all this seems to be my only pleasure at the moment. There were birds chirping in the branches, I looked up, and there was no hurry to take a picture of it, so it jumped, fluttered its wings and flew away.

The setting sun shrouded the sunny side of the mountain, the shaded side of the mountain, has dimmed, such a picture, like an ink painting, sunset, village, mountains, trees, grass, birds, and cooking smoke. What a beautiful painting, I sigh that I am not a painter, otherwise I would like to put all the beauty in my painting.

Standing on the top of the mountain, I had a panoramic view of my hometown, surrounded by trees and surrounded by the whole village. In the distance are the mountains rising one after another, and there are small villages at the foot of the mountains, closely connected. Looking ahead, apart from the path, there is an orderly distribution of fields. Step by step, like a step covered with a green blanket, where crops grow and smile.

Looking down from the top of the mountain, there was still cooking smoke rising in the village, which was scattered by the breeze and drifted toward the sky. Suddenly I thought of Faye Wong's song and saw the smoke rising and the twilight shining on the earth. Yes, it also means that the hard work of the day is over. With this wisp of smoke, it is time to stop the farm work and have a rest.

There are no noisy sirens or roaring machines in the countryside. From time to time there was the cheerful laughter of the children, the sound of women shouting for men and children to eat, and the shepherd's whip against the sheep and baa baa. Everything is so beautiful and pleasant, although there is no Xanadu comfort and comfort, but that warmth, simplicity and kindness have created the most beautiful atmosphere for this village.

I stood in the setting sun, taking a few deep breaths of fresh and sweet air, feeling the comfort of stepping on the grass, watching the apricot trees dancing with the wind in my eyes, watching the grass swaying and listening to the birds singing home. I want to wait for the bright moon, to see her hanging quietly in the sky, to see her charming and shy face.

The mountain gradually became dark, and the green gradually darkened. The sun went down, and the shadows of the trees became whirling without the afterglow of the setting sun. The wind messed up my hair. I gently stroked it behind my ear with my hand and picked up my cell phone to take a picture of the dim one. No bright sunshine, no bright colors, dark, but gave me the most beautiful feeling. I was at the top of the mountain, closing my eyes and branding the appearance of my hometown firmly on my heart.

When the bright moon hung quietly in the sky, I had reached the foot of the mountain. The green has also become blurred, and the wind will be much cooler than that. There are the crisp chirps of birds, and they return to their nest. I should go home, too.

Hometown is not only my dependence when I am tired, but also the sustenance of my soul. As if I saw that trace green, can wash all the lead, wash the deception of dust. It is also the green mark that purifies my heart and gives me new hope. Hometown, my mother, deeply branded my heart, branded with my heart that mark new green.

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