If you can, may you be by your side

A dream of running water is full of spring flowers. Meet like porcelain, know each other like a mirror, because of this understanding, the heart such as water no longer keep in that lonely ferry, no place to put, flowers blossom Xie, tide ebb and flow, quietly guard the heart of a piece of sky, do not ask Tianya far, but have met will know each other.


A person, a clear dream. Who says that only when one sits down on loneliness can one regain the noise. Many times sadness does have nowhere to hide, so go out and let your heart bask in the sunshine. Listen, the bluebirds are singing in the branches. Outside the window, the weeping willows are swinging in the wind, and the warm sun shines on the bright faces of passers-by. The woman in the purple trench coat has a graceful gait, long hair, and spring water ripples with fresh green, as if another long-lost self, in the silk movement of the tide, can not help but feel sad. What could be more exciting than the scenery in spring? Not a season, but a soft and moving feelings, it can let me hold the warmth of my hands, fresh and quiet into the heart of the spring.

After all, it is April weather, even if it is drizzling, the air is still warm, the breeze is cool, the plants and trees are growing, the mountains and rivers are dressed in brand-new green clothes, and colorful flowers compete with each other, adding poetry to the warm April.

Depending on the brow bend of April, twisting a wisp of flower fragrance, what haunts you at the bottom of your heart is your understanding, lonely heart, full of love, thinking that the elm leaf plum in the yard is blooming at this time, and the petals falling are no longer picked up. I can't help but feel a trace of sadness slipping through my heart, thinking of the faint pink and white when the flowers are blooming, and the whole yard is full of fragrance.

Time is like water, accidentally passed through a flowering period, do you still keep the photos I took for you at that time, and do you still cherish her in the bottom of your heart? Palms of flowers, shallow in full bloom, lingering heart lake, with a little sad, a little sweet, a little hope, fresh and refined season, drunk day and night lingering in the heart of expectations.

Accustomed to a cup of shallow tea, in a drizzling day, watching the drizzle sometimes stop, just like lazy thoughts, can not be written in a chapter that seems to have nothing. How much fate can be held in a small celadon tea bowl? The years make tea, the longer the fragrance, the more time to keep the Bodhi-like time, the day is for yourself, and you, have always been placed in the heart. I use the pen and ink stained with spring rain to write about the years blooming, the white clouds passing through the gap, and that sunset face, guarding the Chaimen hedge yard, spring for a period of time, has been in full bloom in my words, bright with the eternal spring in my heart.

The moonlight melts at night, looking at the sparse shadow of the flowers outside the window, cherry blossoms falling rain, thinking that you put on a moonlight, draw the breeze to pick up the steps. Speechless smile in front of the window, watching me put thousands of thoughts into soup. Sit on my knees, just light a curl lamp, cage a sympathize with each other, listen to my continuous words. Then watch me in a clear mood, frying rain into tea. The tea in the first room is full of fragrance, you and I will have a slow drink. I like your elegant demeanor like clouds. I don't know where you come from or where you are going. Just drinking tea, getting drunk and speechless.

The wind of memory is a drop of glittering and translucent tears. with a touch, it will seep into the feelings of Rulan. Most of the time, I just use words to express my heart and fold my thoughts in the night when there are stars and moons. If, did not meet, I will not alone write a touch of sadness, will not let a peaceful heart in the continuous misty rain? If, silently accompany, can be a bright and beautiful landscape Qinghuan, then, do not need to say more, you can know how to care about the heart. Have a calm and warm, keep the heart of a pure white, light, just a touch of miss, a touch of appreciation, a touch of bloom

Emotion is a passing time, the years are pale and waiting, and the precipitated thoughts are gradually verdant in the ethereal clouds. Lin Hua thanked Chunhong, too hurried, how many feelings can withstand the test of time and distance. Whose affection, over the cold eyebrows across the shore, twist a season of flowers and colors, shallowly hidden in the gorgeous and light spiritual meditation. Haruki Murakami said: for those who love each other, each other's heart is the best house. Yes, it's good to keep a heart, even if you don't speak. Prosperity will eventually go away, and no matter how beautiful the scenery will decline with the changes of the seasons, all we are looking for is to find a place to put our hearts and minds. and that!

In the morning, the big sun sprinkled through the window coffin, making the whole body and mind feel happy and bright, after all, it was almost May, there were flowers outside the window, and the trees by the side of the road inadvertently produced a lot of green leaves, and many flowers bloomed just right. The white of a tree, the purple of a tree, although it can not be called the name of those flowers, but every day will see their moving posture. The warm and beautiful season gives people warm memories, a ray of gentle feelings swaying in the wind, a touch of yearning warm into a poem in the dream, and the narrow lines are full of love and no regrets.

With a low eyebrow, the pot of orchids on the case is green and pleasant, the wind blows a page of the book, and the sentence that Mr. Shen wrote to Zhang Zhaohe caught my eye. I have crossed bridges in many places, seen clouds many times, and drank many kinds of wine. But only loved a person of the best age. I don't know where the love comes from, but it goes deep. It turns out that good words are not in the majestic works, but in the brocade books in the clouds, in the small joys and sorrows of the world. There is a deep Acacia, deeply understand, faint love, is the real warmth of the world, Jasper generally parked in the heart, but also like a cotton-padded shirt, intimate, warm heart.

Spring is drifting away, and the enthusiasm of summer is flowing in the air. Nostalgia for a season, because there are fragments that can be recalled in that season, there are moving amorous feelings, there are thoughts that can not be erased. Some people say that years are pencil words on white paper. No matter how clean they are, they will leave traces. Just like at this time, I am sitting in the depths of spring, holding loneliness, warming your name for a long time in my heart, remembering every sentence I have written for you in the night of spring flowers and moonlight, and every text that you have read to me when you are in the wind and clear Hebi.

Don't think about it, how much expectation and sadness are hidden in your deep eyes? If you don't ask if spring goes to summer, who will ripple in your quiet heart lake? Just want to put a touch of joys and sorrows between the lines. In my miss and loneliness, there is the truest yourself. Because of this understanding, I would like to be a lotus-like woman, guarding the emptiness of your heart, silent Qingfen.

Bai Luomei said: when the love is so deep, I can't help asking: why should I meet you? Yes, if we do not meet, I am just an ordinary dust, busy with life every day, lost in the vast sea of people. Because of the encounter, everything began to change, with responsibility and responsibility, with joy and pain. So sometimes I'd rather not meet, I'd rather not shake hands all my life, but if I didn't meet in life, it would be so boring.

In the loss and gain of life, there are joys, sorrows, tears and drunkenness. In my looking back several times, there is a real heart buried deeply. Watch, is the rain's eyes, let my tears freeze your back. Those who understand me will use his heart to cherish. People who do not understand me, let me in the ice and snow of the words, he is always indifferent. I believe that time will keep all the warmth and emotion for me.

With the soft wind, the melodious sound of the piano came out of the window, as well as the sound of flowers and unknown songs about spring. Read a book quietly, and then watch the moonlight fall on the pot of orchids on the windowsill, as if looking at time. Enjoy such sweetness and brightness, safely and properly, twist a touch of fragrance, if you can, may you be by your side.

/ the moonlight of the lotus pond