Make an appointment for a while, waiting for you to come.

You said you were going to give me a rain lane in the south of the Yangtze River. Just for consummation, the regret of that lifetime.

I said, I would like to cover every corner of the alley with the fragrance of lilacs. Just to wait for you, when you look back, you can step on the incense.

In order to wait for you, I have been charming all May. A cup of tea has been tasteless. Outside the curtain, a touch of misty rain dampened my thoughts. I am in the alley, you are outside the alley, always, across a legendary distance.

That year, I never found the direction of your parting. In the hurried passers-by, there is no figure of you. The courtyard is deep and full of sadness. The verse that wants to write down the ink can never be completed.

Mottled past, such as lonely green wall Daiwa, want to talk also rest. Luo, go around the windowsill. I saw you wandering around the corner.

What's holding you back? Drifting misty rain, hazy and haggard. A soft sound, let me see the dizzy foreshadowing with you, safe and sound.

Outside the window, Qing Teng is gloomy. Reach out, hold the tenderness of a wisp of wind, and release it gently. Do not belong to me, never like deliberate.

Looking back, you were always there. Do not speak, do not speak, smile quietly. Fortunately, in the right season, we met each other. You didn't say forever. I didn't say goodbye either.

In May, the smell of flowers floated everywhere. Like us, the eyes of clouds and water looking at each other, Enron, proper.

Make a pot of Zen green tea and wait for you slowly. If you don't come when the willow shoots are on the moon, I won't continue. There is no shadow of you in the fragrance of tea. I know. You've been far away again. No time to look back, too late, gently say goodbye to me.

A touch of nostalgia, quietly blooming in the cool fingertips. The dream you left behind is still beautiful in time. That look back, is doomed to be waiting for my life.

In the depths of the flowers, collect fragrance all the way, full of warmth. If you like, let me pick up a flower and boil a pot of thoughts in my spare time. In the beautiful water, write a crazy for you, leave a warm.

Still water runs deep. With a curtain of misty rain on my pillow, my eyebrows and eyes are full of dew. Luo Mo Su Jian, I use my hands covered with ink to touch the vicissitudes of life you left behind. A "fate" word, do not come, do not go, engraved forever. A "solution" word, there are you, there is me, there is a way to understand. A "read" the word, let wait like a poem, let all the time are merciful.

In fact, I have long been used to reading you silently across the world of mortals. Let me make an appointment for a while, waiting for you to step on incense. Listen, in the distance, the Sanskrit sound in reincarnation sings the original intention that we wrote together. A smile, an Enron. Even if, green hair dyed cream, also do not forget, do not give up.

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