Time is passing quietly.

Before I could say goodbye to early spring, spring went to the depths. The earth is full of vitality, blooming in all the places where the eyes can reach. Green leaves emerge quietly, in the eyes of the world, peach red green willow.

The passage of time is silent. It will not say hello to anyone, in time, we are all walkers. Some people put themselves on the road in the morning light, they have their own goals and dreams, and work hard for them. There are also people who let nature take its course in the spring. Every state of life is your own choice, and you will choose what kind of life style you want to be.

Life is your own, and no one else can replace it. Life is very short, and it may become a thing of the past in an instant. Life has ups and downs, there is no fixed number. We can't decide when to be born, and we don't know when to die. Every day of life may be the last day, time is not long, belong to us just hold in our hands at that moment.

The so-called forever, there is no forever. There is a day when everything is lost, and there are many changes in colors in the world. If the stars and the moon are eternal, the eternity that belongs to us is the present. The past can only be a remembrance, the future is out of reach, and today is the time that really belongs to us.

I looked out of the window at the shade of a tree and realized that spring was in my hands. Time is quietly lost, a lot of things are changing, the trees are turning green, and we are getting old. In a hurry, can not keep the footsteps of time, can not grasp the sleeves of time.

No regrets, it's easy to say, but really difficult to do. How can there be no regret, too much of the past, leaving regrets in helplessness, it is impossible to turn back. If I had done my best at that time, even if things were not satisfactory, I would not regret it. What I fear most is knowing that I have the ability to fight for it, but not seizing the opportunity, which is a pity.

Spring surges and everything recovers. Even the bugs got up early, and the flowers were busy dressing up the earth. What can we do in spring? There should be a lot of things to do, to do a thing in a down-to-earth manner, for a long time, there is no unsuccessful. The craftsmanship under the craftsmen, in the constant carving day by day, has later become a fine work.

Time is a period of craftsmanship, which needs to be polished with our heart. You said it was too late. I said, it's not too late. No matter how old you are, you can start. That day I heard that an old man in his seventies had climbed Mount Qomolangma. Is there any reason for us to complain that we are too late?

The ancients had the story of "digging the wall to steal time". During the Western Han Dynasty, Kuang Heng wanted to read when he was a child, but because his family was poor and could not afford to buy books, he had to borrow books to read. At that time, books were so valuable that people who had books were not willing to lend them to others easily. Kuang Heng worked as a part-time worker for rich families during the busy farming season. Instead of getting paid, Kuang Heng only asked them to lend him books. We should hurry up to finish reading the borrowed books. I worked during the day and there were no candles at home at night. One night, Kuang Heng suddenly saw a glimmer of light coming through the east wall. So he thought of a way: he took a knife and dug the crack in the wall a little bigger. In this way, the light came through more, and he leaned against the light and began to read the book. Kuang Heng studied so hard that he later became a very learned man. In such a poor environment, the ancients would cherish the time to study, but now that the lights are brightly lit, we have no reason not to study.

When I was a child, I felt that time passed so slowly, and it took time to grow up. Now, every day I feel that there is not enough time, there are too many things to do, a lot of knowledge to master, some people need to pay sincerely to deal with, time is in one thing after another, and the day passes quickly. With the progress of the times, the material is enriched and the spiritual needs are more, so many people are seizing the time to learn. The younger generation, but also understand earlier, the struggle has begun from them.

Seize the time and do something meaningful. This is a life without regrets. Don't wait to grow old and lament that you have wasted time. Don't wait for when you want to love others, you are willing but powerless. Don't wait for time to flow away. You haven't decided what you want to do.

Maybe when you are wasting time, others are already on their way. Maybe when you are coquettish under the wings of your parents, others have already carried the burden of life. Perhaps while you are still hesitant, others have already taken action and taken the lead.

Take advantage of the spring, ignite a dream in the heart, and work hard for it from now on. Take advantage of the spring to give your whole heart and soul love to the person you should love. Hold on to the hand of time tightly, let yourself have a dream, and give yourself a reason to be strong.

If you don't want to waste your life in the world, you have to study all your life. Don't sigh for the time that has passed, look squarely at the time that you want to slip away.

At this time, spring is strong and it is appropriate to sow seeds.

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