Muddle-headed, happy life, contented happiness

Health first, live a little confused, live a little chic, live a happy life.

It is impossible to forget age, fame and fortune, resentment and troubles. It is possible to have a friend, a bosom friend, a nest, a companion and some money.

A little confused, let your heart move with the wind, go with the rain, big things understand, little things confused; chic, let yourself have a good mentality, be able to afford to be a person, and let go of things.

In life, there are gains and losses.

Sometimes your efforts may not be rewarded, but you have to understand some, do not be too hard on yourself, life always has its reincarnation.

Life is short, be happy, cherish your life, enjoy your life, and let bygones be bygones forever.

Hope is always in the future, be happy, let the heart fly freely, forget all the pain and love, and be a happy self!

Forget your age and don't let your age be your reason to grow old.

No matter how old they are, as long as they have a good state of mind, as long as they do not feel old, what others think is their business. Go your own way and let others talk about it.

Forget fame and wealth, fame and wealth is outside the body, are ordinary people.

Everyone wants to have their own name, but also have their own interests, encounter unhappy things, always think that God is unfair to himself.

In fact, a simple and ordinary life is the greatest happiness.

Forget resentment, think about it, is that person worth hating? Is it worth your love? Is it worth complaining about?

There is no need to waste your precious time hating someone who is not worth it.

Hate others, hate a person who is not worth it, is one of the stupidest behavior.

May you have two or three bosom friends.

There is a bosom friend who can talk to someone when he is lonely. When you are in trouble, let your heart rest. Give yourself a space and let your heart have a pure lake.

If you have a friend, wealth is not a lifelong friend, but sometimes a friend is your lifelong wealth. Everyone wants to have friends. People who don't have friends are pitiful, but it's hard to have a true friend.

Friends are not in many but in the essence, the so-called life to have a bosom friend is enough, the friendship between gentlemen is as light as water is this truth.

Be a happy person, be a happy person, be a contented person.

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