If the heart is bright, the years are fragrant

Time is like water, flowing with the joys and sorrows of life; time is like a song, singing the joys and sorrows of life.

Time is a pen to carve a picture of life, it carves the journey into the milestone of life, sketching, graffiti stumbling, ups and downs of life.

There will always be a period of time that makes us lonely, helpless and helpless, and even at that time we begin to doubt life. Why are there so many tribulations that we cannot help? But it is the confusion that allows us to calm down and reflect deeply and re-examine our position.

In fact, we should be grateful for those tribulations, it is these helpless bearing let us mature, but also in the confusion to determine their own position, correct the value of survival, know how to protect themselves. Every tribulation is the cornerstone of the cushion, it strengthens the resolute character and makes us step into the ladder of happiness in stability.

The sorrow of life is nothing more than the gloom of the soul. The experience of life can overthrow a person's will, and it can also achieve a person's rise.

A good state of mind is the main body that supports life, and it is not the intrusions of wind and dust that can disintegrate a person, but the heart that is difficult to balance. Years of wind and clouds change, the world of mortals have misty rain overlap, behind the rainbow must be the next sunny day.

On the other hand, when Dr. Mex was studying the matrix simulation system program, Dr. Mex accidentally discovered the particularity of psionic crystal, which is different from any substance and energy such as photoelectric 1. The energy essence of psionic crystal is similar to that of spirit.

To some extent, mecha is the driver, and the driver is mecha. On the other hand, the computing power of the optical brain is also enough to cover all the operations needed for the machine armor to run.

However, due to the characteristics of psionic powers, the mecha requires higher mental strength of the driver. At the same time, there are also the problems of mental strength and spiritual fit of driving machine armour. The spiritual fit is natural and almost constant, and the higher the fit, the higher the coordination between the driver and the mecha. The action of the mecha is also faster and more accurate, closer to the driver using his own meat. The level of the body.

When the mental intensity reaches a certain degree, it can increase the fit between the driver and the mecha by 1% and 5%, but it only stops there.

Li Tuomi looked at these three machine armour, and he once wanted to have them.

Learn to face the future with a smile, but also learn to heal yourself. Walk steadily when you are happy, and walk ordinarily when you are unhappy, because the road is so long that it is meaningless to linger at a certain point. You can fall down countless times in life, but you can never be confused after falling.

There is a spirit called endurance, because under pressure, more understand to straighten the shoulders. There is a kind of motivation called responsibility, when all grievances become a force, understand that survival also needs a responsibility. There is a will with endless strength, it makes you mature, let you grow up, when difficulties come, smile away, just know that such a will is called strong.

Life is a road, no one can change the ruggedness of the journey, but can make life with no regrets.

Give life enough self-confidence, regardless of whether others are colorful or charming, to be a real carrier of life, no matter whether the city is everywhere, God gives the same chance of survival, although not special, but also the only one.

Do not be attached to the green vine, do not be the puppet of time, even if the silence in the corner of no one's attention, but also to stretch out the feelings, to cater to the beauty of the sun. The sun, moon and stars, each has its own bright, landscape, plants and trees have their own decoration. Green grass Wei Wei, but can pave the flat, this is the value.

Grasp the yardstick of survival, be a person who can send and receive freely, do not waste time for weakness, do not humble yourself for setbacks, a drop of morning dew is also a drop of life.

Give life enough heat to make it full of temperature, although a love will be insipid with time, but a heart can remember eternity, time can take away the beautiful once, but it is difficult to cover a mind. The wind and sand of the years can look old, but we must not let it fossilize our tenderness. The heart is warm and at ease, and time will not grow old.

Life bears the polish of years, don't forget to warm your heart and add color to your dreams. If there is no fear of favor or disgrace, all gains and losses have nothing to do with the wind and moon; if the heart is bright, why fear the vicissitudes of the season?

When the spring breeze is strong and we set sail, the boat of life will not run aground in the shoals of the years. A bouquet of heart flowers will also be generated with the spring, blooming on the earthly branches, far away with intoxicating fragrance.

Flowers bloom and fall for a long time, if the heart is bright and fragrant; what are the ups and downs, joys and sorrows are songs.

Time is never perfunctory with the existence of every life, it is kind to the beginning of every sunrise and continues countless stories.

There is no expected agreement between luck and misfortune in life, as long as the person who cherishes life has a fiery heart, a sun-facing posture and a kind true feeling, the fragrance of flowers will accompany us every step of the way, happiness will fill every day of life!

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