Listen to the rain at night

The rain began to fall in the middle of the night, and the great roar fell like a waterfall in front of my window. I seem to wake up in the sudden transformation of time and space. Listen attentively, knowing that summer has been dumped on my side like the rain.

This is the sound that only belongs to summer. No rain in another season can be so reckless, bright or even fierce. In the sound of rain or waterfall, my dream is like a leaf fluttering boat, my bed is like a leaf fluttering boat, my house is like a leaf fluttering boat. When I woke up from the boat, I could not look up at its spectacle of "water pouring down from a height of three thousand feet, as if the bright water of the Milky way fell from nine days." just like the sound of big beads and small beads falling in a string of jade plates, I could only imagine the falling of this waterfall. The whole summer was like a river, and we came across such a waterfall in its drifting. The gentle heat for many days is just to save up the spectacular drop of the waterfall. So I really seemed to be lying on the boat, listening to the majestic sound of the waterfall. Days of restlessness can be cleaned only by the timbre of the sound of the water, and the body becomes as thorough as a stone in the water. This is a bath of sound.

The ripples falling from the sound of the water gradually spread in my memories. The sound of rain on this summer night can make ripples in our daily life. All kinds of trivia also fall in the memory like this rain, and the originally flat heart also fluctuates gradually. The rain on summer nights belongs to secular life. It is not like the rain in spring reminds people of birth, the rain of autumn reminds people of death. The majestic sound of the rain is also because it converges with life. The rain is getting deeper, and the thoughts and worries about those things are getting deeper and deeper. In the end, I found myself having insomnia. Summer is the season for the birth of stories, those hot days brighten the coldest and darkest corners of people's hearts, and the cool night gives people a space to release their unscrupulous enthusiasm. So one story after another, and then evaporated in time, and finally converged into countless drops of rain on this summer night. The countless ripples it has caused disturb the lake of our hearts. I can't sleep over and over in the rain, like a boat constantly changing direction in the current.

I do not know how long, the sound of rain gradually died down. The story of summer is as hasty as it is, beginning and ending in a hurry. Thinking about these things is not over, like a few drops of rain still falling, as if they could fall again on a large scale at any time. And I have temporarily left the waterfall in the boat of time. This cabin, this bed is also driving into the depths of time, and finally drove me into a dream.