An everlasting smell of books and an immutable mission

I like reading, buying and collecting books since I was a child. I love books so much that I am addicted to books. When I grew up, wherever I went, the first goal I was looking for was the bookstore. When you go on a business trip, you don't have to buy anything, but you have to go to the local bookstore and buy the books you like. For the book I haven't got for a long time, I miss and hope that I will do everything possible to ask for it no matter where I go. Occasionally I come across a good book that I came across unexpectedly, and I often danced for joy.

In 1989, I rented a shop window of 10 square meters, set up a flyhead bookstore and began my dream-seeking journey. How does the bookstore develop? Running a bookstore is by no means a simple thing, full of special cultural elements. I continue to buy a large number of books, "Book sales", "Bookstore", "American Book Publishing and Publishing", "publication Theory", "successful Publishing Marketing thinking", "long tail Strategy" and so on. On the other hand, I pay great attention to studying the market, readers' needs and readers' preferences. I bought "Reader Psychology", "History of Chinese Book Distribution", "Watch of Publishing Culture", "Modern Book Marketing", "out of the Strange Circle of Bookstore Management," and "Research on the Development of China's Rural Cultural Market". On the basis of a lot of learning, I summarize, analyze, digest, absorb, find something, innovate, constantly improve the business philosophy, adjust the orientation. My bookstore has developed year after year, step by step, and now it is well-known in the small town and has had a certain impact. If you want to open a bookstore in rural areas, you will generally choose to be adjacent to Xinhua Bookstore, making use of its reputation and taking advantage of the opportunity to develop. however, our store is far away from Xinhua Bookstore, relying on the conditions of the farmers' market to enjoy the cool, unique and unique. It is not the largest bookstore, but the most complete bookstore has obtained a rare opportunity for development.

Some data show that the annual consumption of books in rural areas, which accounts for 3 percent of the country's population, is only one percent of that of the whole country. The difficulty for farmers to buy books has been discussed for many years. What is the difficulty? In the long-term management practice, I deeply feel that although the rural areas of our country are increasingly prosperous in culture and rich in information resources, it is still difficult for farmers to buy books, read books and borrow books. Through in-depth investigation and research, I feel that the bookstore should play the first role in solving the difficulty for farmers to buy books. For this reason, I try my best to play the role of promoting and guiding reading in my own bookstore.

Over the years, my bookstore has been rated as Shijiazhuang civilized bookstore, honest management unit, advanced individual industrial and commercial households for many years, and has been concerned and praised by the majority of readers. "China Press and publication" and other newspapers have published articles to introduce our store: "painstaking efforts to pour out characteristic farm bookstores", "embracing the aroma of books in persistent persistence", "Xinji Science and Technology Bookstore is dedicated, sincere, new, special and complete." to create the best leather books and periodicals, "A strong buying and selling book for a peasant bookstore"

In 2009, the headline of the first page of China News and publication published my book "five characteristics of Peasants' Book Purchasing Piracy can not be ignored".

In 2010, the General Administration of Press and publication organized the solicitation of articles on the theme of deepening reform, speeding up development and building a powerful country of press and publication. I wrote "Rural Book Distribution Breakthrough the crux of the problem." thinking of getting out of the predicament "A report on the front line of a private bookstore operator from the rural front line" solicited the article and won the Excellence Award. After "China Publishing", the article was selected and published by the Publishing Industry of the Book and newspaper Information Center of Renmin University of China. Sun Haiyue, a reporter from China Press and publication News, interviewed me and wrote an exclusive interview with the Joint Bookstore, which was published in the special page of China News and publication News.

In 2011, the Chinese Society of Editors held a seminar on the editing and publishing of books on agriculture, rural areas and farmers under the new situation. My paper, "grasping the characteristics of rural areas, editing useful books, a private bookstore manager's thinking on agriculture, rural areas and farmers," was selected into the proceedings of the conference. It was later published in the full text of Tsinghua University Science and Technology and Publishing in 2012.

In 2012, the 22nd National Book Exchange Fair of China held the solicitation activities of press and publication reform, development and innovation. Where is the way to publish and distribute books on agriculture, rural areas and farmers written by me? A private bookstore manager's observation and reflection on the rural book market "," sturdy roots linger tightly in the rural land, a rural private bookstore manager's observation and reflection on the Golden Shield Publishing House ", both won the Excellence Award.

In 2013, my book "it is urgent to stop the decline in the Distribution of General Books in Rural areas" was published in the New Bibliography of Science and Technology. The full text of the Journal of the China Publishing Association is forwarded to the article.

In 2014, I wrote "observation from the managers of private bookstores in rural areas: private bookstores below the county level are disappearing" published by the industry of "Chinese Reading Newspapers".

In 2015, my book "watching the 25 years of a Private Bookstore" was published in Publishing reference. The first issue of the 6th year.

In the final analysis, bookstore management is cultural inheritance, which is more of a mission and a kind of responsibility. In 2005, I bought an 800 square meter bookstore building. It is a loss-making business for our store to operate books in its current strength. The building is its own property and is located in the prosperous shop of Wang Shi, which is located in an inch of land. If the shop is leased out, it will be easy and unhurried, and the rent of the venue will be far higher than the profit of selling books. But I know: I am the son of a farmer, and I came out from the bottom of the country. I understand more deeply: culture continues an endless stream of blood, reading is too important for farmers, in today's impetuous and noisy society, reading is the greatest opportunity to change fate. It has been an irrefutable truth for thousands of years that if there is one more bookstore in society, there will be one less prison. Only by reading can we find the only navigation mark to move forward on the journey of life. A person's history of spiritual development is his own reading history. It is always the unshirkable pursuit and responsibility of my bookstore to let farmers read more and read good books.

Today, my bookstore building stands in the downtown center of Xinji. This is what I spent a lot of money on in 2005: the third floor business hall, 800 square meters. A dazzling array of books, filled with more than 200 bookshelves, the whole bookstore is elegant and bright, quiet and mi, many but not chaotic, elegant but not high. The shelves of books standing against the wall are magnificent and magnificent. The books on the central landing platform are scattered, clean and elegant. The hanging shopping guide plates are brilliant, clear and eye-catching. Readers' choice of books is clear at a glance, simple and convenient. The staff of the bookstore are polite and smiling, answer every question and treat the guests with sincerity. After 25 years of careful care, my bookstore has become a local standing, shouting and far-reaching brand bookstore.

At the end of every year, my bookstore will post a brand-new couplet to express my vision and pursuit for the future. This year, the couplet posted in my bookstore is

In a small bookstore, the small characters have a special fondness for how many pleasant scenery they show to the readers.

Great responsibility, no distractions, no distractions, no distractions.

Author: Zhang Jixiang