Dream and reality

After experiencing the wind and rain of society, the most humble feeling should be that no one is the same as me, but I feel that I am no different from one person.

In and out of society, you and I are inevitably tainted with some vulgarity. Some people say that this is mature, others say that it is too realistic.

For example, it's like you've ever lent money to someone, and the first thought is whether the person who borrowed money from you has a strong relationship with you. Now the first idea is whether the person who borrows money from you can afford to repay it.

Over the past few days, I have been hovering in the choice of finding a new job or taking some time off.

So I found a friend who watched me grow up drinking and chatting with a bystander. He is three years older than me. He has known me since I was a child and majored in computer science in university. Now a programmer, this profession is not as exaggerated as it is said on the Internet, his short hair is still alive, but slightly sparse.

I remember turning on the phone I had been off for two days. I didn't use QQ or Wechat. I just made a phone call. Reading and appreciation of American articles

I asked him, "do you have time?" He said: yes. I added: I'll see you in the evening. We'll have a drink at the barbecue downstairs. He said: OK.

It's over, just a few words. In fact, I imagined ten thousand ways to chat before I called. As a result, it still didn't resist the simplicity and clarity of friendship.

In the evening, I took a bath and wore clothes that I felt comfortable at that time. At that time, I didn't think about whether the coat and pants would match. I randomly found two and put them on. I took the keys and cigarettes on the desk casually. These are the two things I must bring to work every day. I have already formed a habit. I also opened the cigarette case and looked at the few cigarettes left and thought: it's enough. He put it in his pocket.

When I went to his neighborhood, I was in no hurry to find him. Instead, I sat on a chair near a big tree in the neighborhood and smoked.

It is very pleasant in the shade of the trees in summer, and the singing of cicadas is extremely pleasant with the sound of the wind blowing over the treetops. Instead of sitting in a large office with a dozen people every day, listening to the rapid footsteps and the hum of the printer. This peace of nature is obviously precious.

A cigarette burned out. I went to the building where he lived and called. He said wait a moment, and after a while, he saw a familiar figure hurrying downstairs.

In retrospect at that time, we had not been in touch for three months. The reason is very simple, all have a job, a busy one. At that time, we played games together, but now we have less time, and if we don't touch the game, we won't have a chance to get in touch with each other. Some only occasionally look at the moments, see his trends, and easily like it.

We exchanged pleasantries, talked about our respective jobs, and asked if we had a girlfriend.

It's the same barbecue with 20 lamb kebabs, two chicken gizzards and four bottles of beer. This is the standard for us to have barbecue for so many years.

After two beers, the chatterbox naturally opened. I told him my job was gone, but he didn't answer, but had a drink with me.

Maybe I was so drunk that I didn't care if any other customers were looking at me, so I cried. Since I lost my job, I stayed at home alone and never cried. Today, just because I saw him, I cried.

Did not cry out, just shed tears, while weeping while continuing to drink.

After a while, I asked him, "do you remember what my dream was?" He says he only remembers traveling around the world.

In fact, my original words were: sooner or later, I will go all over the world to see different scenery.

The reality is always cruel, sadly, since I got a job, I have been commuting between the bus stop, my own home and the company.

He asked me again, has it been realized?

I told him that my family is in Tianjin and the farthest place I have been to is Baoding. I haven't even been to Beijing yet.

He said that in the recent years of working, he had spent many nights and lost a lot of holidays. I worked very hard, and then I had a good life.

We all laughed and went on drinking.

At that time, I deeply realized the meaning of that poem in Bei Dao.

Now we drink late at night, the cup meets a piece, it is the sound of a broken dream.

When I was writing this article, I thought of the moon and sixpence and read it over my head.

I found that I had been bound by sixpence for so long that I forgot to look up at the moon.