This year is a particularly difficult year, the raging novel coronavirus turned us all into otaku and otaku.

Recently, I have been listening to a song about ink painting in the south of the Yangtze River. I feel very artistic. What a relaxing and pleasant place the so-called Jiangnan water village is. And I was wandering in the hustle and bustle of the city, I think I have almost forgotten the Jiangnan water village where I was born and raised, that place is my hometown.

In fact, I am particularly grateful for this year's special campaign, which has given me the opportunity to spend such a long and luxurious winter vacation in this dreamy water village in the south of the Yangtze River, from the bitter cold of three winters to the vibrant early spring and March. I think it's probably the sadness of the post-90s now. We were born and raised in the Jiangnan water village, but we will no longer have time to quietly experience the four seasons of the Jiangnan water village.

Tomorrow is Ching Ming Festival. Ching Ming Festival of Jiangnan is always accompanied by raindrops. As the saying goes, during the Qingming Festival, there is a drizzle. In addition to the country pedestrians who want to break their souls, there are the tips of bamboo shoots in March and April of early spring. Every day you will find new festivals and buds growing in the loess. I think that is the vitality of Jiangnan in March. Life rooted in the yellow soil will also absorb the nutrients of spring and prosper against the warm sun. And the fungus on the withered wood in the countryside is also greeting its own spring day with the good time of these three springs, blooming the beauty of life on the dead wood, just like the so-called withered wood every spring, perhaps the cold of three winters withered the trees, but could not stop it from turning into spring mud by the warm sun of three springs, or the patter of early spring drizzle, the so-called light rain in Tianjie Perhaps it is the light rain in early spring that awakens many withered people who should have lost their vitality. Behind the wind and rain is the growth of willpower and the concentrated outbreak of vitality, and I am now in this March in the south of the Yangtze River, moistening the drizzle like a spring. Reading and appreciation of American articles

It is more than March to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and return to the water village in the south of the Yangtze River. In most of these three months, I will encounter a line of drizzle in spring. This continuous drizzle really makes me very irritated. I always feel that only a warm and sunny day is the day when life blooms, but it is in the present moist season of Rain Water that I have a new understanding of rain. In such a season, I encounter a beautiful story. I think it was brought by the rain of three springs. accompanied by the rain, I found a person who can go to class with me to prepare for class and travel for holiday. I think this should be the most wonderful thing in the world. A person's loneliness is finally driven away by the mutual heating of two people, and this will become the spring rain that I will remember for the rest of my life.

I am grateful for such a spring rain. With the trees gradually returning to green around me, I feel as if I have a lot of vitality in my life. There are a thousand sails passing by the so-called sunken ship, and there are ten thousand strong trees in front of the sick tree. the disease in the city has recovered quietly in this spring rain. And I rejoice in the rain.