The spring I've seen

What does it look like in spring? The spring seen by he Zhizhang, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, is as follows:

The Willow The slender tree is dressed in emerald all about; A thousand branches droop like fringes made of jade.

But you know by whom these slim leaves are cut out? The wind of early spring is sharp as scissor blade.

In his eyes, February spring is scissors, spring is Jasper willow, is a young green willow, is the spring breeze cut out of the willow. Therefore, spring is green, everything is young, everything is tender green. Whenever spent a long winter, desolate for a long time, the wicker slowly droop, the buds are slowly packed, the branches, there are tender green buds, the buds are leaves, that is spring. Seasonal reincarnation, can not be immutable, after some autumn and winter care, desolate for a long time the earth is time to begin to flourish, sleeping, blowing under the spring breeze in February, wake up. The spring wind blows weeping willows, full buds, green branches and leaves, and awakens all things.

White lake, slowly melting, slowly clear, clear can see the bottom of the lake, clear enough to see the weeping willow reflected in the water. With the warmth of spring, the geese by the lake began to play in the water, and naturally the lake was warmer in spring. Seen from a distance, the lake is obviously green with the shore, green mountains, but also green lakes. I can't even tell whether the mountains reflect the lake or the lakes reflect the mountains. Everything is green. Of course, when you report good news in spring, you can't do without swallows, flying around and beeping, as if only it knows, to announce spring to the world. Although my language is not as good as the ancients, can not be compared with it, but I still boldly depict the lake reflecting the goose, weeping willow show Bibo. Yingyan shouted in the world to return the spring.

The beauty of spring is the most prosperous in rural areas. although high-rise buildings in cities are the same color all the year round, they are all floors at a glance, and they do not feel the prosperity of spring at all. But the countryside is different, rare houses, low floors, blocked by tall trees, spring is obvious. And the mountain behind the countryside, when spring comes, it is either green leaves or red and white camellias. Around the country house, peaches and pears are red and white, and plum trees and apricot blossoms are sarcastic. Either laugh at you for being too white, or laugh at him for being too popular. Let peach pear, Li Xing how to fight, in the field, the golden brassica is just blooming confidently on the side, not fighting, but many people pay attention to it, even bees are around, how can it not be attractive? A hundred mu of courtyard is half covered with moss, and peach blossoms are full of cauliflower. The poem by Liu Yuxi, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, describes the formal scene of golden brassica in full bloom. The golden brassica in the field, brilliant camellia in the forest, pink peach blossoms and white pear blossoms all reflect the beauty of spring.

In the spring morning, the red glow shines first, waking up the sleeping people, seeing the red glow of the spring morning, slowly coming out from the horizon, beautiful; and spring, the noon sun, also particularly dazzling, because the white clouds have drifted away, leaving only a big sun in the middle of the blue sky, extremely bright; in the evening, the rest is the setting sun, which is also a beautiful scenery. Spring night, not very cold, but feel cool, is a good season for couples to take a walk in the evening. Reading and appreciation of American articles

What's spring like? Spring is the prosperity I can see in the place where I live. Spring is the red flowers, spring is the mountains of green leaves, spring is the grass, spring is the growing buds, spring is the golden bees buzzing around the brassica; spring is the morning red clouds, spring is the noon sun, spring is the afterglow of the sunset, spring is the many white clouds, spring is the blue sky Spring is the cultivation of crops in the field, and spring is the warmth of the world.

(the original author of this article: Xi Yang. But it has been posted in Jinri Toutiao, not the first)