Poetry on a country road

At noon, walking alone in the country road, sunny, clear sky with clouds. The blue sky covers the earth and covers all things in the world. All the beauty makes me obsessed and intoxicated.

For a long time did not walk in the countryside on the road, rare leisure today, then come out to see the sun, breathe fresh air, also come out to see how bright this spring. Depressed for a long time, I only like a person walking alone, enjoy alone, do not want any disturbance. So out of the door, they default to the village's most beautiful path, slowly walk, or stop, quietly look around, take a deep breath

Looking around, white camellia flowers and green branches and leaves on the mountain are blooming all over; Green weeping willows and green tender grass germinate by the lake; The brassica neatly lined up in the vegetable field is golden, plus the peach trees and pear trees at the edge of the village are blooming with flowers, pink and white, which makes people can't help but look at a few more eyes. It is really a colorful picture of spring; it is a vigorous budding poem. These are the colorful clothes that spring puts on the earth, which makes me deeply intoxicated in this charming poem and painting.

However, looking up at the sky, clouds, reluctant to float to the other side of the sky, look at it reluctant to give up, I guess perhaps the original intention of the clouds is not so, it does not want to float away, because it also likes to be surrounded by people, it also hopes that people use cameras to face it, take pictures of its snow-white heroic; it also wants to stay above the village, meet with smoke, and then feel the warmth of the world together. However, the wind seemed to stop, slowly passing from the world, by the way took away the clouds, leaving only a short moment of cloud beauty and coolness to the world. American Reading Appreciation

The wind took away the clouds, but I still looked up, eyes can not keep up with the clouds far away, only to see the mountains and blue sky in the distance, blue sky sunshine bright laughter, a happy look. The clouds had moved away and the mountains blocked my view. Only by the heart quietly feel just now with the cloud encounter, it left me is memory and poetry, and blocking my vision of the distance Qingshan.

Suddenly a pair of swallows flashed past, instantly shifted my line of sight, eyes quickly followed a look, cheerful swallows while muttering while falling lightly on the willow not far away. They kept flying back and forth and landing on the willow branches, playing with each other, flying and whispering happily, making the wind-blown willow branches sway even more, like dancing under music. But is the swallow showing me its graceful dance? Look at its light jump, listen to its cheerful song, I seem to have arrived at another world, have forgotten that they are still in the country road, have forgotten that many days of heavy, physical and mental become happy and relaxed.

I watched and listened quietly, afraid to disturb, because this is a painting, a poem, I am afraid that I disturbed this vivid painting meaning, will let the painting lose motion; more afraid of disturbing this simple poem, will let the poem lose rhythm, therefore, I just used the way to feel a sense of spring, but let me so intoxicated.

Stratus clouds cleared the distant mountains, a bright sunshine laughter.

See peach blossom new face again, and listen to Yan Yu call heart clear.

Not to start a quatrain, but laugh at themselves can not do this world poetry, pour out my words, still not enough to describe the true meaning.

Then he strolled along the country road, returning with a full load, a poetic painting in mind, a white cloud, a red sun, distant and dazzling; a mountain flower, a lake green willow, near and elegant; a cauliflower, there are peach pears, bright and delicate fragrance; a pair of swallows, back and forth whispering, happy and comfortable.

Country roads, is a poetic spring, far, near, floating with a touch of fragrance, all let me intoxicated.

(Written on March 27,2020, original author: Xi Yang, non-starter)