Boating Life

Let the blue waves bloom, sand gulls gather. There is a boat Feng Xu ride the wind, feather ascend immortal.

No matter how high mountains and rivers flow, hundreds of boats compete. There was one person who was clear-headed and stable as Mount Tai.

Boating on the river of life, individuals must have a clear understanding of themselves, and must not choose their destination blindly. This is the truth, the truth of life.

Su Zi boated and sighed at the change of water moon under Red Cliff. The surplus and deficiency are like that, but there is no decline and decline in the end. It is the moon, and it will be the moon. A small boat, if it always thinks of itself as a big ship, will only encounter the situation of being swallowed up by the wind and waves in the end. Therefore, recognizing oneself and sticking to oneself is the key to riding the waves.

Also know oneself and I admire Zhuang Zhou. "Health Master" and "Carefree Tour", gorgeous and profound words piled up a saint, the soul of Xinda Ya, just like the epiphyllum in the moonlight sliding elegant dance steps. He always believed in his own existence and never blindly imitated others. Indeed, everyone has their own characteristics to be proud of, why do you need Handan toddler, laughing generous?

Through the ages, time flows like silk, and history floats in Qinghe. Struggling in the cracks of history, once people forget themselves and blindly pursue unrealistic ideals, they will eventually disappear in the blink of an eye. East Shi imitation, Lux flattery, lost self, so that the loss of the original heart. No one can create a miracle of value inconsistent with his soul in the theory of life and death. Therefore, please face your heart carefully, face your reality and ability, do what you should do, and stick to what you should do.

Thinking on the ship of life, Tagore's song gradually enters the heart: in the place closest to you, the distance is the farthest; the simplest tone requires the hardest effort. Insist on self, recognize the purpose, this seemingly simple basic philosophy of life, in the process of practice, but always so difficult. And when faced with bottlenecks, perhaps the most important thing to wake up to is self. American Reading Appreciation

If it is a stream, please flow happily in the mountains; if it is a river, it should roar freely in the waves like snow; if it is a long night, it should retain the brightness of that night; if it is life, it must be stable on the confused river.

Boating in the law of life, from their own correct understanding, never blindly follow, never self-pity. Each of us is a boat with white sails, and we will surely sail away with the wind between the sky and the sea.