The beauty of walking

Even if we live in a big city made of steel and concrete, even if we are not strong people, we might as well try to become hikers in the city.

Once upon a time, I longed so much for the mountains and the sea. However, when I got to the seaside, I stopped. As long as I gazed at the endless blue ocean for a long time, what rose from the depths of my heart was fear: the absolute emptiness of the sea made me feel empty, and the sight of clear water that I could not drink made me feel desperate. I was suddenly afraid of sharks without sharp teeth in the depths of the ocean, tsunamis, typhoons and earthquakes that were always brewing in the earth's crust. Do I have to love the sea? No, no! I see: I can say no to the sea.

When I climbed the mountains and plateaus, when I crossed deserts and hills, when I was wishful thinking about those enviable extreme sports, but after only one ride on a roller coaster, I was scared out of my wits, screamed and dizzy. Dare I think about rock climbing and bungee jumping again?

Later, I understand or even better understand. I chose to go on foot. It is not to walk more than 1000 kilometers to the Kumano Ancient Road in Japan, trudging along the ancient road with no path but roots like a Qiu long. Each step is wet and slippery, carrying a huge and heavy backpack. You must arrive at the post station before dark every day, otherwise, it all depends on your own ability to survive in the wild. Yes, it's on foot. This is the hiker's famous professional trail hiking.

On the other hand, my walk is only in the center of the city where I live. Now I know myself too well: I am not only an animal raised in the city, but also a believer in nature, a weak body and a heart unwilling to be inhabited. Fortunately, the central city of Wuhan has a long river shoreline. The trail along the Yangtze River and Han River has exceeded 40 kilometers. After walking it, it can be regarded as a "whole horse".

At the end of Friday's work, get ready for a simple outfit: a pair of good shoes and a light back on your shoulders. Starting early on Saturday morning and ending on Sunday evening, the post station is my home. During the two days off, leave everything in the room indoors and put all your body and mind into nature. Monday is full of blood and resurrection, oxygen is full of body and mind, this is the beginning of the new week's work, it is really good.

Hiking in the center of the city is mainly about sense of security and worry-free. If you are thirsty and hungry, the commercial outlets will replenish at any time. Tired and tired, rest anytime and anywhere. Take your time walking. Walk wholeheartedly. There is a Yangtze River on one side and a forest belt on the other.

There are ships moving slowly on the river. There are idle and quiet anglers by the river. You can also secretly hope that cheerful finless porpoises suddenly appear on the surface of the river, which have mischievously chased your ferry before. You see, flowers and trees have their own beauty, they do not need manual pruning, what kind of personality or what kind of personality, there are no exactly the same two branches and leaves.

You listen to all kinds of birds chirping and playing, but feral cats are creeping quietly in the grass, with a hunter posture, you worry about your prey and you worry about your hunters. It was dusk when suddenly a weasel ran by. The hare is always bold and sudden, almost bumping into you. Just walk like this. That's how we communicate. You don't have to say anything. Nature always sings in your ear. The sun makes the smell of the plants more and more rich, really fragrant. You breathe deeper and deeper. Your whole body is so transparent and comfortable that there is nothing more wonderful.

Please don't laugh, I call this kind of walking also called hiking. In my opinion, a name is just a name, and if it is appropriate, it is appropriate. In this world, there is no only way to live, there is no only way to appreciate beauty, and there is no only way to walk.