As time flies, it is another spring in the twinkling of an eye.

April is halfway through, and spring is ripe. The petals of the full branches were slowly replaced by green leaves, the petals fell gently with the wind, and the leaves gradually monopolized the branches.

When spring comes, there is still a little chill of winter, and a gust of wind always gives people a feeling that hurts the bones, even if the bright sun shines in the sky, it is still a little cold. But after three springs of care, the cold has been expelled, the breeze always gives people a kind of warmth, even if there is no sun in the sky, the temperature is still moderate. After the Qingming Festival in April, outing is the most comfortable. Going out in warm weather is always warm. Make an appointment with two or three friends to take pictures together. Or alone can be very comfortable, headphones in a pure accompaniment of light music, listening to the whole day. In the twinkling of an eye, spring has sent warmth to the world, as long as people are no longer cold, will it leave? People in the countryside no longer light a fire when they don't cook, and the smoke on the houses is much thinner during the day. Coupled with the children playing with their coats on the side of the road, maybe it's already warm this spring.

At the beginning of spring, the buds are packing, quietly waiting for the spring breeze to blow, blow the bud, bloom the petals, in the mountains, the family are blooming together. A whole spring, the flowers slowly withered, the fragrance of a tree left the green leaves, alone with the wind, but the fallen flowers are still beautiful. Beautiful things, no matter what the state, always maintain a kind of appreciative beauty. Reading and appreciation of American articles

A piece of flowers flying less but spring, the wind floating ten thousand points is worrying people. The opening sentence of the Tang Dynasty poet du Fu's two songs of Qujiang (one) is amazing. Spring is full of flowers and colors, but it is lost because of a piece of petals, so the degree of spring is subtracted. A subtractive word is very wonderful, let people feel beautiful and complete spring, just because of the fall of a piece of petals and worry, feel that the end of spring is not as perfect as before. A piece of falling flowers reflects the reduction of weight, color and taste in spring.

The withered and yellow weeds in the field have disappeared, and it seems that some of them have been cut and burned, and some of the cultivated land has been directly covered in the soil. Spring is the best time to sow seeds, a piece of soil color has been renovated, after a lot of work of the farmers, the old things in the field have been bought new. Under the sweet moisture of the spring rain, the seed gradually poked its head out. Farming is off at the end of spring. In spring, Grain Rain, the last solar term in April, is coming. Grain Rain comes from the ancient saying that rain gives birth to a hundred grains. Qingming breaks snow and Grain Rain breaks frost, so the arrival of Grain Rain solar terms means that the temperature picks up faster and the grain grows faster. The young seedlings that stick out will soon grow tall.

At the end of spring, which is also the end of April, some slowly began to walk into the distance. In order to find a new job, as the train drifted away, I went to a foreign land to feel the end of spring. In the countryside, people who want to go out to work always have to help their families grow crops before they set out, so they slowly leave here as if they were in the company of spring. The footsteps of spring, always can not stay, come in a hurry, go in a hurry.

At the end of spring, although some have left, there are also new ones, such as seeds sprouting, young fruits on fruit trees, and the sound of frogs, and so on, which can be seen at the end of spring. Although some of them are not as beautiful as they were in the early days, they seem to have grown up a lot more than they did at the beginning. All that is lost will come back in another way, like this, when the flowers fall, there will always be fruit; when the cool climate is gone, gentleness will always come.

People used to call the spring at the end of April as the late spring, as the name implies, the spring has come to the end. The flowers have slowly returned to the earth, everything is slowly changing into another scene, time flies, the twinkling of an eye is another spring.

(text: Xi Yang, written on April 13, 2020, non-starter)