Perception of life

Learn to cherish, because what you get now is the best.

Learn to be tolerant, because who can be infallible in life? no one is perfect.

Learn to understand, because only when you understand others can you be understood by others. Learn to be patient, because things have come true and you can't change them.

Learn to give up, because some things can only be appreciated from a distance. If it's not yours, don't pursue it. Giving up is the best choice.

Learn to be silent, because silence is golden.

Learn to pay for the test, because only in this way can you understand the joys and sorrows of life.

Learn to observe, because there are all kinds of wonders in the world, and only by watching the changes can you distinguish right from wrong.

Learn to say no, because don't force what you can't do, do what you can.

Learn to forget, because only by forgetting what you have lost can you gain a foothold in the present and look forward to the future.

Learn to adapt, because you have to survive under all conditions. The feeling of life.

Learn to restrain yourself, because impulses often pay off.

Learn to give, because only by giving can you get something in return, although it is not in proportion to the total return.

Learn to think about it, so that you can find your own shortcomings.

Learn to play dumb, because life is seldom confused.

Learn to change, because you can't change others, only change yourself.

Learn to be happy, because only when you are happy to spend every day can you live a wonderful life.

Learn to bear, because something unexpected always happens in life, there is no choice but to bear it silently and face it bravely.

Learn to be contented, because only in this way can you feel how beautiful life is now.

Learn to listen, because listening to her is not only a respect for her, but also a relief and comfort to her.

Learn to look at things in two, because everything is not for your own purpose.

Learn to liberate yourself, because only in this way can you surpass yourself.

Learn to know without saying, because if you say more, you will lose.

Learn to advance in the face of difficulties, because it can hone your will.

Learn to think quietly, because only in this way can you wake yourself up and understand.

Learn to cherish life, because there is only one life, why wait until you are about to leave this world to feel that life is short.

Learn to climb out of the pain, because people thrive from the ups and downs.

Learn to see the world with your heart, because only in this way can you see who people really are.

Learn to change your mood, because only in this way can you struggle out of sadness and make yourself happy.

Learn to pick it up and put it down, because only in this way can you start a new starting point.

Learn to move on, because life is too fast to look back.

Learn to crave, because only in this way can you create a source of motivation.

Learn to be tough, because only in this way can you overcome many difficulties in life.

Learn to have fun, because it is the result of my efforts.

Learn to love, because love can give me strength, only love can get true happiness.

Learn to struggle, because it is the companion of my good life.

Learn to be grateful, because gratitude can bring harmony, bring happiness, do not let yourself have regrets.

Walk at the foot of the road of life, the heart flow of life, wind and frost, snow and rain, proud frost, careful taste, perception of life …