It's polite to call it hypocrisy.

It is best to avoid talking with the leader close to the front or close to your ear. the speaker is easy to drool on your face and sometimes talk in the afternoon, even holding the leftovers and noodles left in your mouth with nothing in return. Out of politeness, you can only endure it, no matter how painful your heart is, or even turn it upside down, you have to be calm and completely ignorant and still listening. Do not let the speaker notice that you have been harmed by his saliva or leftover vegetables, and use an restless expression to find that you are absent-minded. if you rub it in his face immediately on impulse, it will certainly hurt his self-esteem and lose his face. if the speaker secretly uses it to hurt his face and ask for self-esteem in the future, it will measure that you can't stand a little fart grievance, reasoning that you can't do a big job if you can't do a big job, and it's not your turn to do a good job. If you want to get a promotion and a raise, you can only have the tacit impulse of a ninja to destroy your future, but it's a pity to find a chance to avoid it and wipe it again. The saliva has long been sucked dry by the covered pores, and the leftover noodles still stick there with residual fragrance, which cannot be wiped off without soaking, while the speaker is still gushing in yin and yang, and you have to keep casting approving eyes and nodding approval, because there is a kind of politeness called hypocrisy.

Karaoke hall singing, many of the applause is hypocritical, no matter whether the singing is good or not, as long as we start to sing, we will equally politely give others crisp applause and even scream, but it is difficult for people who know the applause to hear real recognition and approval from the applause. Sometimes when they encounter a song that is often out of tune, the listeners burst into thunderous applause absent-mindedly and nervously, thinking that they had finished the song. The singer laughed at himself politely, thank you, thank you! The uninteresting singer also thinks that this is a real applause of praise. In fact, speaking from the bottom of his heart is the applause of the listener to urge you to sing quickly. It is really impossible to listen to it, and it is definitely not applause. The applause is used to cover up a kind of uneasiness disturbed by the sound. The louder his applause is, the more harmful it is to prove that he is disturbed by the people. On the surface, he uses high-fives to give encouragement and comfort to the singer. In fact, it is constantly packing oneself with a polite coat to have a charge of hypocrisy without feeling guilty, because there is a kind of politeness called hypocrisy.

Author: herding sheep