A letter from the network editor to the third year of senior high school

A letter from a senior high school classmate (18) of Zhian County Middle School and a national senior high school student, edited by an online editor. That smoky June is getting closer and closer, no matter how it turns out, we must go all out! And wish you a good result in the exam!


Students of Class 18, Grade 3 of Anzhong High School: Hello!

First of all, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule to read this unknown letter. Yes, I am a stranger to you. I suddenly think of writing this letter because I know your classmate Junqing. Junqing, is my netizen, I do not know when he added me, I do not know his real name, before last night, we have never met. He suddenly sent me a QQ message last night. He said he knew my article was well written and wanted me to write some inspirational words to encourage his classmates. There are still dozens of days to go before the college entrance examination, because in an examination a few days ago, many students did not do very well. They seemed to have lost confidence in the coming college entrance examination, and some even began to be depressed and give up. Junqing said that he saw it in his eyes and was anxious in his heart, but he didn't know how to comfort them. I was moved by Junqing's enthusiasm and the deep feelings of my classmates, so I promised Junqing that I would write this letter.

Inspirational words, in fact, anyone will say, the effect depends on who is talking to whom. If a successful person gives you an inspirational lesson, it is easy to raise your hand, because success itself is inspirational. Jack Ma's words in his sleep may be regarded as golden words, while Mo Yan may write a note, which may also be regarded as a magnificent chapter. However, there is only one such person for many years, so let's regard it as a miracle. we are all mortals, and we may feel the same way if we listen to some approachable words. I am an ordinary civilian, and I really can't come up with any wonderful stories to share with you. But there is one thing I believe that in a few years, you will be like me, crawling in the big dye vat of society, traveling north and south in order to make a living. Some people say that mixed society needs capital. Do you want to know what this capital is?

I still remember clearly the hardship of going south to Guangdong to find a job after the Spring Festival in 1998. At that time, it was very difficult to find a job, it could be said that there were too many people in short supply, and there were long queues of people applying for jobs in front of the factory every day. A general worker on an assembly line has to graduate from high school. I didn't go to school after I finished my second year of high school. How can I have a high school diploma? So everywhere to find a fake certificate, issued a diploma three times, did not escape the eyes of the recruiter. The last time he said, "get another fake card to fool me, and I'll call the police to arrest you!" You say, how humiliating this is! I really regret that I didn't study hard and ended up in the field of fake certificate. Writing this experience is to tell students that reading is always useful, reading is a kind of investment, it will benefit you for a lifetime. With a diploma, it is your strength and your natural pride! So, please work hard, go as far as you can, how much sweat you leave in spring, and how many fruits you will harvest in autumn, which must be proportional.

Later, after several twists and turns, I finally joined a company. No diploma, no popularity, no suspense, only to work on the assembly line. I entered a shoe factory, and both sides of the assembly line were lined with workers from remote rural areas. You are still students, and you may be very strange to the concept of assembly line. In the middle of the assembly line is a conveyor belt, it will keep running, workers will also run with the operation of the assembly line, even the bathroom is a fixed time, the most is three to five minutes! Just entered the factory to work as a temporary worker for a period of time, positive performance will give you a regular job, so, if you do not work hard, will eventually be eliminated!

There is no doubt that I was assigned to the assembly line because I did not have the capital to be picky. Opposite is the company's office building, the white tile wall is very beautiful, the air conditioner is on, neither hot nor cold. I was thinking, if I had a higher diploma, maybe I would have more opportunities to sit in an air-conditioned room and do some work that has nothing to do with the assembly line. I had just finished working on the assembly line for a week. One day, the secretary of the factory director called me to the office. I saw a row of male workers standing in the office. It turned out that a director of the factory department was going by the general affairs department, and now there is an urgent need to fill the vacancy. Do I have a chance to turn around again? Without any assessment, the beautiful secretary asked each of us to write our own resume on the spot, no more than three sentences. After finishing it, she put away her resume and put it on the factory director's desk.

The next morning, I was so busy on the assembly line that I was called away by the beautiful secretary yesterday, who took me to the factory director's office. The factory director put down his teacup and told me with a smile: you have been transferred to the factory department, young man, do a good job! My face is full of consternation and panic. They are not making fun of me, are they? Actually, no, because I never went back to the assembly line. Later, with the secretary also became a colleague, gradually familiar with, I can not help but ask her curiously: so many people, why me? Why wouldn't it be you? She smiled and asked me, but you did not rely on luck, the boss took a fancy to your strong and handsome pen handwriting. It doesn't seem to be a coincidence. I once went to construction with people and lived in a big shed at night. They watched TV, chatted and played cards, while I was lying on the floor with a dilapidated Xinhua dictionary. Write and draw in the old magazines I read, read and practice. Therefore, whether you are in school or born in society, it is impossible to stop learning. Opportunities always favor those who are prepared, not to mention that you are facing a turning point that will change your life. When you are about to take the college entrance examination, you should put down your burden and go all out!

In previous years, most people didn't know what the Internet was, nor did they have QQ, much less did they know how to send email. I spend most of my spare time after work on writing and submitting articles. At that time, they were all manuscripts, and then went to the post office to deliver them, and then received one rejection after another, and later, the rejection gradually decreased. So, even if you have talent, if you don't work hard, your talent will be wasted. Because of frequent contributions, later, the presidents and editors of the surrounding magazines all knew me as a persistent author, so some presidents invited me to be the editor and chief editor of the magazine. Of course, this is a good thing, but I was stopped by an invisible wall. I was asked for a diploma by other magazines. I didn't even have a serious high school diploma, let alone an undergraduate degree. So, many opportunities missed me because I didn't have a decent diploma. Although I have attended a kind of correspondence class after work and got a lot of diplomas, I still feel ashamed and feel that those certificates are not as justified as the diplomas I got from school. Practice has proved that if you don't study hard in school, you will take a lot of detours and sweat more than ordinary people.

Students, I am not a celebrity, and I do not have much achievement. I would rather as a negative example of not working hard, tell you my personal experience in my career and share it with you. Chinese people like to persuade people like this: everyone is going to be an official, who is going to carry the sedan chair? If you don't want to be an official, there's nothing wrong with us, then no one wants to lift the sedan chair, right? The reality looks good, and when you are in it and really experience it, you will know the cruelty. A person who is not willing to work hard, you will be reduced to the person carrying the sedan chair sooner or later!