Spring comes in March and April blossoms

In March, walking on the ridges of the fields, there were patches of yellow rape fields, bees and butterflies back and forth, standing on the branches of flowers and chasing up and down; stepping on the road, looking up and looking up at the fruit trees covered with green and scattered mountains and trees, hard-working and simple people began to work for a year; climbing the mountains and overlooking the faint white clouds on the horizon, they thought of the empty thoughts of mountains and rivers, and the falling flowers hurt spring even more. It's better to take pity on the people in front of you. Bid farewell to the smoke and dust of the world, bathed in the dense spring rain, clear and cold spring breeze, or wanton walking or looking up to the sky sighing or bowing in contemplation, are broad-minded and very comfortable.

Perhaps not how much time flies can be wasted, not how many Jinse years can be wasted, will be more concerned about the departure of spring. At the beginning of April, the afternoon sun was lazy and warm around the corner, and there were more short sleeves in the streets; the evening wind was blowing coolly; the night came late, and with the rumble of thunder came sporadic raindrops. It suddenly occurred to me that it was late spring.

Thinking of the Fangfei in April, the peach blossoms in the mountain temple began to bloom, hoping to meet a peach blossom feast in late spring. Do not speculate on the future, lament that the beauty is old in the spring, and the flowers do not know; there is no need to recall the past and regret that people do not know where to go, and the peach blossoms still laugh at the spring breeze; they just fall in love at first sight at the death of the peach, when they go on a date with the willow on the moon, about after dusk.

Author: North-South East-West, North-South East-West