Recall the river in my hometown during the annual holiday.

I have read and written some articles about the Spring Festival, especially the works that recall the Spring Festival as a child and leave beautiful memories in the depths of my heart. I have also written such short articles about buying firecrackers, wearing new clothes, kowtowing to lucky money and so on when I was a child. When I write about these things, I really feel cordial and often make people feel nostalgic.

Chinese New year holiday, whether as a student or at work for so many years of annual leave, is an exciting thing, the annual leave is very people look forward to and look forward to, the annual leave left a lot of memories.

When it comes to the Spring Festival, most of them think of the joy and beauty of the New year. In fact, there are also some Chinese New year experiences that make people think and benefit.

The river of memory flows step by step with the pendulum of the years, some memories gradually blur, while some things become more and more clear. The river in my hometown, the water in the river, the ice in winter, the story on the ice during the annual leave, opening the floodgates of memory, will be surging like a stream.

To the north of the village is the Qianli dike in the novel Red Flag Spectrum, and inside the dike is the Chulong River in his hometown. When I was a child, the water of the Zhulong River was clear, and in spring, the long dikes on both sides were shady and willow branches danced. In the summer, the singing cicadas lay on the branches of the willows, and the children themselves made the cicadas and dipped them into the net in an unexpected moment. It was cold in late autumn and early winter, and some boatmen were ferrying wooden boats, listening to the boatmen's songs, and the boats were crossing back and forth between the two sides of the strait. In winter, the river on the riverbed is covered with a thick layer of ice, and the children skate and play on the ice, dancing happily like birds flying on the ice. At the beginning of the twelfth lunar month, the weather is often very cold, and the riverbed is still thick with ice. At the end of the twelfth lunar month, at the end of nineteen sixty-nine or the beginning of nineteen seventy-nine, some years catch up with the warm winter and the ice in the river begins to melt. As the saying goes, 79 rivers open, 89 swallow come, 99 farm cattle walk everywhere. It means that winter has been sent away and spring has come again.

Annual holiday is a paradise for children to play, there is no heavy holiday homework, children are relaxed and happy to spend the holiday to welcome the arrival of the New year.

The vision of the child is narrow, so when he was a child, he went to the market on the other side of the river to buy New year's goods. Follow the adults to the market, watching the adults stride so easily, children can not keep up with the pace of adults, only run out of breath, at this time is really looking forward to growing up in childhood.

In the second year of junior high school, the college entrance examination system was restored. After the annual leave, the final exam papers and awards were left in the classroom. The holiday is no longer as easy as it used to be. I am busy with my homework every day, but I am still willing to give the paper and the award certificate to the parents to see. It was not until the afternoon of the 29th of the twelfth lunar month that I decided to go to school and pick up the paper before the end of the year. On the way back, all the way is empty, people who buy good New year goods are waiting for the Spring Festival at home, and I am the only one walking on the road.

To study at the school on the other side, you have to walk across the river in spring, summer, autumn and winter. The river in my hometown is not always so docile and beautiful. In summer, sometimes the river rises sharply and the flood rages. Even in winter, there are times when it is not friendly.

When I walked to the center of the ice alone, I suddenly heard a creak, a long crack appeared in the ice, and my mind went blank with fear and despair. Rushed hard to get out of the collapsed ice. During the run, the papers and awards were scattered on the ice and did not go back to get them. At the beginning of school after the Spring Festival, looking at the flowing river, there was no sign of the papers. God blessed me to get through that risk and never dared to skate again. This annual leave was spent with shock and loss.

People have been moisturized by the rivers in their hometown and experienced the joy of swimming in the water. But there has also been another experience in which the river tested me, as well as some thinking and growth caused by it.

Nature gives all life in the world. Without earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, there would be no mountains, no mountains, no rivers, no rivers, no human beings and other phenomena of life. Human life is given and created by nature, so we human beings should be in awe of nature. The river in my hometown is also formed by high mountains and flowing waters, spring, summer, autumn and winter, ice and snow, wind and rain, sun, moon and stars. Nature has its regular changes. From an early age, we should learn to understand nature, fear nature, fear life, respect the laws of nature, and will be punished by nature if we do not know or respect nature. if we know, master, respect and respect nature, we will get nutrition and grace from nature.

The following summer, I was admitted to the county high school with the second place in the township. I made up the test paper that was lost on the ice.

Now from that unforgettable time, it seems to be a long time ago, and the memory of the river is still clear water Yiyi, blue waves rippling, my hometown is always in my heart. I am going to go to the twelfth lunar month soon. I am looking forward to coming home from the annual holiday this year, reuniting with my family and my villagers, going to the river in my hometown, standing on the dike of thousands of miles, looking at the winding river running far away, looking for the shadow of my childhood and reliving my childhood dreams in my hometown.

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