Appreciate others, cherish yourself

Like in the sunset, alone taste wordless beauty. Let poetry and painting resplendent into the sky stars. Flowers of footsteps, knocking on the hearts of a long time, fragmented into romantic past. Years quiet good, butterfly dance Jiangnan, in the branches of youth, listen to the waves, listen to the moon, listen to the rain, listen to the snow, listen to the voice of the flowers bloom. Relive romance and joy, passion and embrace, panic past, loneliness into injury.

Light Acacia, diffuse in the moonlight and chrysanthemum frost indifferent to each other in the Zen Realm. Youth bare ankle, in the depths of the years, sprinkle all the way fragrance. Light and warmth, loneliness and loneliness, melancholy and melancholy, paved the pilgrimage road. How far is night from day, and how far is darkness from light? The sun warms the years, the years warm me, who am I warming? Falling flowers have intentions, running water is ruthless, bruised memories, turned into wind floc all over the sky.

A cold plum, a white lotus, a cluster of yellow chrysanthemum. Cold and elegant into the quiet rhyme, gently fell on the quiet heartstrings. Flowers full moon, life quiet beauty, everything is natural, no need to carve.

Often in the dead of night, thinking alone the true meaning of life. Perhaps the red dust saw through, but it was floating. Beauty sees through, but is a shell. Love is seen through, but it is gathering and dispersing. Life sees through, but it is impermanence. Life is but a dream, dream wake up, everything scattered. A hundred years, a flick of the finger, glory and wealth, fleeting clouds. Understand that people know detached, true people know how to sacrifice, happy people know how to give up. So be what you are, and be what you are. Let the heart get nothing, the heart has nothing to ask for. The heart is still, clean and dustless. Joy and sorrow, as natural as they are. Colorful life, mental illusion. In the face of temptation, as long as the heart, such as motionless, completely free. The benevolent have no worries, the wise have no doubts, and the brave have no fear. Benevolent love, wise Ming, brave see through. See through everything and you will be free. See through everything and cherish it. Come, come, go, go.

People are human, why should they be human? This is the world, why should we live in it. Some people are too old to learn. There are some things you can learn but not do. Thick black learning, read books, is how thick black can not rise. Human nature is predestined, why study hard? Human nature is good, why learn bad? They hurt themselves and hurt others. Nature, authenticity, can be free. Hypocritical people will never smile sincerely. Sincere people will never be stained with false dust. Happy when the mind is pure water, or happy when the heart is turbid water? The answer is unique. To be happy, forget yourself. To be happy, without yourself. Self-denial can own the whole world, no self can contain the whole universe. What is pure land? When the heart is large, it is pure land. What the hell is that? The hour of the heart is hell. Very clear.

What was the Great Dao of the Universe? I think it is not to come, not to die, energy conservation bar. A debt must be repaid. It's better to be pure, simple and happy. Possession is better than appreciation. Who can have it forever? Who can really own it? Money, status, beauty, power, and even his own body could only be borrowed temporarily and used, but he could not really own it. Life is alive, why haggle, why struggle? Why don't you learn from bill. Gates, naked, come and go naked. Life gains and losses, energy conservation. Gain more and lose more, gain less and lose less, have to lose, a blessing in disguise. My uncle, true communist, self-improvement, 84 years old to learn foreign languages. A suicide note: all money and things to pay party dues, his body donated to the hospital. How noble.

I like the story of the lost cow. Jin people, lost cattle. Happy all day, not looking. Ask, why? The cow was picked up by the people of Jin and is still in Jin. Why worry? Confucius heard that the word Jin was deleted. Lao Tzu heard that the three words "Jin people" were removed. The realm of life, but more than the heart. Jin people are happy that cattle are still in the hands of Jin people, Confucius is happy that cattle are still in the hands of all people, Lao Zi is happy that cattle return to nature. The difference in cultivation level was obvious. Jin people third, Confucius second, Lao Zi first. Jin lost cattle will also be happy, Confucius lost Jin will also be happy, Lao Zi lost the world will also be happy. Why not be happy when you are not happy?

The heart is bright, the world is bright, the heart is beautiful, the world is pure. The heart has a home, where is home. The heart has no home, where is wandering. The heart has pure land, where is not pure land? There is bliss in the heart, where is not bliss? Appreciating others and cherishing yourself is actually a blessing.

Text: Sex is as light as chrysanthemum