Flowers bloom in May

Standing in the depths of this spring singing, the green indigo swaying on the fields, the shady path verdant, the spring breeze drunken dance, the fragrance of willow flowers, the green in front of the fence, a breeze swept by, the lake water began to surge, the rippling waves hit the green tit, the fish danced the dragon gate, instantly moistened the grass on the green bank, and a group of birds whispered happily on the treetops. The jasmine, magnolia, pear blossom, peach blossom, apricot blossom, rose and rose are full of bushes, the small town green warbler Yingyan dance, the winding water is quiet and trickling, the moss has been covered with bluestone, the fragrance of the flowers is all over the town, flying green leaves and willows are flooded with cages and ancient eaves embroidery buildings, the stream is fluent and leisurely in rhythm, gradually filling the deep pool, hiding stories and love, green this rich May.

The flowers are wonderful and gorgeous, filled with the poetic rhyme of spring.

May flowers are colorful, branches shake green, purples in the wind, a burst of fragrance dripping in the air, petals congealed fragrance, leaf petals floating catkins, suddenly sprinkled with ancient Jiangnan, not far away, the smoke and willow on the bridge head is in love, the breeze is green, the wild flowers are instantly full of maple bridge hole, walking all the way, in love on the elegant path of flowers, a wisp of tidbits flying through the gallery of time. Or green, or thick, or elegant, or fragrant, or far, or dense, soft and thick flower hyacinth, trace green meaning in the branches enchanting, gradually purples a piece, this wind kneads the warm summer, with the poetry of green leaves, with the fragrance of flowers, dance through the hair, brush the heart, the lake is shy in the morning sun, rippling a warm shallow nest, in front of my eyes a lush green, clear lake lotus leaves stretch The delicate halo of May touches my heart, light love, elegant aroma, poetic lotus, lingering leaves, poetic charm of flowers, rising or falling, dripping through the dense forest in the wind, or red, shy or euphemistic, blossoming in the green bushes, this is the taste of happiness, singing in the bright spring …...

Spring current waves, shallow nest waves, a wave of water surging softly, not far away stranded singing, the same color, infinite spring, a touch of brilliance in the heart, the broken waves rippling, flowers and leaves passionate in the green, wet this green bank of a peach forest, gorgeous peach blossoms in the wind, the wind warmth, gently push the leaf boat, slowly floating in the green water shallow waves of the lake The beautiful misty rain is soft and slow, hazy in the breeze, curling around the clouds, the green water is leisurely wave, this boat carries the beauty of the country, the spring breeze is rendered, the catkins are sprinkled with silver, dancing on the waves, the beauty sings and sings, whispering the poetry music of Jiangnan in May, across the bridge willow, Miyuye gently caresses my cheek, a burst of petals splashing, sprinkled on the bow That light red, milky white, dark blue tidbits adsorbed on my hairpin, this idle mountain drunken water, flowers blooming, green green, thick willow hanging stone bridge, fish eagle point water, water duck fluttering, heron, water heron frivolous looking for food among duckweed lotus leaves, a ray of soft sun slowly falling in the green mountains and green water, rich water villages, Reed catkins flying, the green climbing vines cover the ancient alleys, from far to near light ink picturesque, continuous painting The affectionate jasmine blossoms quietly in the south of the Yangtze River in accordance with my heart.

The singing in May is still emotional, and the girl in the south of the Yangtze River is beautiful and graceful, running in the wet rain lane, the breeze blowing, the flower skirt dancing, the flowers and leaves flying, and the faint fragrance released in the long lane, the person, the scene, the lotus leaves in the pond, and the shy jasmine in the long alley, the fragrance is long and long …... Filled with the quiet days of spring and summer.

The fragrance of the flowers slipped through the shady bridge and rubbed into my greenhouse.

I walked past you alone, your attractive fragrance diffused in the clear south of the Yangtze River, with peach blossoms blossoming, the peach forest has been madly stained with hometown, small bridge and flowing water, tree shadow rhyme, birds whispering on the branches, breeze flowing green, that unnamed wild flowers blooming all over the slope, that lush, ink Jiangnan, hazy fog cover, in the misty rain flying water, these years such as song, forest shade shade Playing and singing from the ancient town, the summer drizzle fluttered, drunken oblique, drifting green, the gardenia blooming gradually crazy dye, the fragrance of flowers into the rain, the stream slate, the small town green onions, green water flowing willow leaves flying, happy branches, that gardenia affectionate, leisurely wandering in the depths of the south of the Yangtze River, full of ancient eaves carved dragon opera Phoenix, rockery running water, hanging Orioles, fish leaping birds singing, fruit trees shaded beautiful ancient town. In the happy water, wet green verdant, petals all over the ground, fruits and vegetables hanging branches, lingering in the quiet secret place, a wisp of gardenia fragrance in the breeze slips through the simple and elegant city, the water spray rises under the bridge hole, gently flows through the people, slips into your heart, flows through the fragrant town.

Approaching the ancient town in May, the fragrance of flowers wanted to smoke grass, it was inexplicable to climb leaves on the high wall, the fragrance of flowers was released in the lush season, the red, the green, the purple, the soft white intertwined, in the smoky gallery, the verdant poetry, across the endless fields, wisps of sand catkins were soft and graceful, vaguely between the mountains and green waters. The stone bridges, pavilions, tea mountains, secluded alleys, villages, ancient roads and paddy fields are reflected in the water surface, like the ancient Book of songs in the Jiangnan River, the cloud pavilions and the clock tower in the mountains, intertwined in the dense, green-covered countryside, and many literati and calligraphers come to visit the mountain roads surrounded by spring cliffs, green trees and gurgling water, a clear tea and a wine fragrance. So indulge in this winding fairyland, sit still Weng Pavilion, splash ink Shuhao, toast for a cup, chanting eulogy is not also happy.

Listen to a mountain spring Ding Dong qu Yun, let the poetry of spring flow; watch a drizzle lingering scenery, that green leaves have long been full of mountains; the story of the south of the Yangtze River is continuing, the flowers are already full of May, I take you close to the attractive greenhouse, the song gradually sounded.

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