Accept everything and let yourself go.

Walking in spring is the easiest to be moved. The occurrence of a new bud will move the soft feelings at the bottom of my heart. The four seasons are in reincarnation, spring goes to spring, and leaves fall and rebirth in the season. We, in the rings, are getting old.

Some can not let go of things, always in the branches of the years in the end, chagrin, disappointment, frustration all kinds of emotions breed in this can not let go of the mood. If you learn to let go of yourself, you may be better off.

It is the most unwise choice to punish yourself with the mistakes of others. Everyone is an independent individual, there are many scenery along the road, always standing in the shadow of others, will limit their own line of sight.

Accept and tolerate your imperfections, no one is perfect, and there is no life without imperfections. It is because of all kinds of imperfections that we learn to constantly correct ourselves. It is because of the many imperfections in life that we have the opportunity to taste all kinds of tastes.

If you can't get it, let go in time. The advent of a period of emotion, there are good and bad, good feelings can achieve each other, while bad emotions will ruin the future. Cherish good feelings. Let go of bad feelings in time. Too many people are not reconciled to it, so they cling to the past, and time is lost in complaining and negativity. later, they can neither retain the loss nor strive for a new life.

Failure is not terrible, the terrible thing is that you can't get out of it all the time. People live in the world, who has not experienced several failures? Those who get up in failure and look for new opportunities are worthy of respect. Always stay in the place where I fell, licking that little pain every day, and forgot to look up at the sun, the stars are bright and the moon is bright.

Let go of your shortcomings and give yourself enough confidence. I remember once, when I was arranged to speak on a crowded occasion, I was always worried that I could not speak well and panicked, so I went to ask the teacher. The teacher said, "it's all right. If you can't speak well, can't you speak bad?" Yes, there is nothing to be afraid of. The worst thing is probably failure. The right to failure is one more chance to learn. Let go of yourself and don't pursue perfection. Everything has its beneficial side.

Someone wrote a sentence in moments: anything, there is finally a way out. That is, let it go. The music is a song "forget about Love and hate". For things you can't control, let it go. For the feelings you can't keep, let it go.

Set aside some time for other things. Keep a little mood to love yourself. When we learn to let go of ourselves, you will find that life is not so difficult, the sky is so high every day, and the voices of birds ring brightly in spring.

Do not entangle with yourself, always learn to treat yourself with love. A person who loves himself, his life will not be too bad. No matter how much wind and rain you have, you will walk through it if you have a strong and confident self. Forgive the hurt, accept the failure, tolerate all the imperfections and disappointments, let go of yourself and start over.

The new buds of spring are emerging, and the withering of winter has been forgotten. If you let go of those unpleasant things and move forward bravely, you will see more new ideas waiting for you.

When you learn to accept and forgive all, learn to let go of yourself, all that is left in life is to meet the good. If you want to read more wonderful articles, please follow the reading and appreciation of American articles.