Cherish every touch in life

In the slow flow of the river, there are many people, many things will move your heart. Touching is a simple but sincere greeting and wish in the ordinary. It is the warm encouragement and enlightening support of your friends when you are lost, helpless, pessimistic and depressed. It is the words of aspiring people who turn stone into gold, cheer you up and cheer you up. It is the harvest of others who do not hesitate to lend a helping hand when you encounter difficulties, and it is a little harvest after quietly dripping sweat.

An article, a poem, a piece of music, a segment in a movie and a plot in a TV series can all make people deeply moved. There are so many things that make us excited and feel ups and downs, let us be grateful, let us be lost in thought, let us miss the past, let us think about the future.

When you are moved, the outside world is silent, and all you can hear is the sound of your own blood flow, and only the touching melodies that reverberate in your heart; you are moved to awaken your numb nerves and activate the cells of your whole body; you are moved to give people warmth and strength to cleanse your heart; to make you truly feel the vastness and kindness of time and space, bringing you into a pure and clear sky, so that our hearts are deeply shocked! All falsehood, ugliness and evil are expelled by truth, goodness and beauty, and despicable faces are spurned and thrown far away by noble souls.

When a person quietly looks back on those moved, you will feel that your life has become richer and more beautiful because of these moves, just like a continuous river, the clear and rippling surface of the water is filled with golden light, flowing forward forever.

Moving life is warm, active and colorful, while untouched life is pale, monotonous and dull. Just imagine, if you cannot integrate yourself into society, if you are always self-centered, if you only care too much about your own success or failure, if you care too much about your personal gains and losses, if you care too much about other people's eyes, and refuse to communicate with the outside world, if you don't feel the world with your heart, care about others, and don't pay for others, no one will move you, and you won't move anyone. Then we will be like a lonely cloud floating in mid-air, lose the foundation, always lonely and empty, what kind of boring life will be, what kind of sadness?

We were born in this world, destined to share a piece of sunshine, step on the same land and share the same air with tens of thousands of people, which is our destiny. Since it is fate, we should cherish it. We should have a pure heart and a sincere heart to do our part and perceive all things in the world.

Some people say: a person's happiness is not because he has more, but because he cares less. Our mind and mood, if we can always keep clear and cheerful, then show in the surrounding environment, are beautiful and good. To communicate with the light of heaven and earth with a pure heart, to experience the richness of the world and the poetry of life, to experience the transcendence and freedom of the soul, to experience love and happiness, and to experience the light and warmth is a kind of ability, a state of our life, even life itself. These words are the accumulation of years, the deep touch of the heart, the sublimation of emotion, the meaning of life and the quintessence of thought. Of course, misfortune of one kind or another is inevitable in the long journey of life, but it can make us know more, learn more, and our lives will be more profound. The mind that cannot experience suffering is superficial, and the mind that cannot experience happiness is dark. Because of countless truly moved, our lives have no regrets!

The moment when we are moved is often the truest, purest, kindest and most beautiful moment in our heart. let us always remember that moment, cherish every move in life, and with the flow of the river of time, integrate those feelings into the surging rivers and turn them into a driving force for progress. Cherish the present, grasp the present, let the oath never grow old, let the promise of the past never fail, let us look back on the past without remorse, let those moved hearts accompany us for life, inspire us for life, so that ordinary life can also be brilliant. If you want to read more wonderful articles, please follow the reading and appreciation of American articles.