Flowers bloom in shallow summer, youth is just right.

We listened. The May flowers are no longer noisy. We seem to hear the whispers of the Fangfeili flowers in April, but it may only be a beautiful memory of the old spring days.

Several degrees of spring go, several degrees of spring return.

The breath of shallow summer has floated in the air, and the rhythm and meaning of summer come. Soil, trees, a tree blossoms, all signs show that the shallow summer in May, youth is just right.

Youth is beautiful. Youth is full of sweetness and fragrance of love. Pure love stirs the heartstrings, and the sandalwood of love gives life an inner aroma and a warm smell. As the saying goes, whoever shuts love out will be shut out of love. Youth has always been outstanding, brilliant, with an irresistible charm that can move people. The heart of youth is full of sunshine every day, and the heart is always filled with warm love.

The pure happiness of youth is the wealth of life and the source of happiness. Youth is always very short, the time of youth is destined to be immortal, leaving us only beautiful.

Youth is full of hope. Youth makes it easy for us to cross the barriers of life, abandon the burden of life, climb mountains bravely and meet the wind and rain bravely. Every day is like the rising sun, full of vigor and infinite hope.

Youth would rather be deceived by life than live without hope. The spring shirt boy who plays bagpipes under the vast starry sky will experience the experience and precipitation of life all the way. Youth is the sailing in the real sense of life.

Youth is the May day of the world. Youth is full of the warmth of summer, how happy the world is in May. Youth will encounter clouds, hail, thunderstorms, lightning, and eventually crawl at our feet. The weather has warmed up, the new sun is so brilliant, everything is blooming, everything is fragrant and beautiful, everything is brilliant.

The temperament, modesty, beauty and talent of youth all have an irresistible magic, which makes people indulge in shallow intoxication, makes the years colorful, and makes all things full of vitality.

The breath of spring has gone, it makes us nostalgic, but imbued with the irreplaceable taste of youth. If you want to read more wonderful articles, please follow the reading and appreciation of American articles.

Our restless hearts calmed down for the first time, and behind us was a fiery sunset. Our life is boundless, every day has different colors and sweetness, and every day is changing our mind and appearance. Like the passage of time, a little erosion of youth, Fujiwara Yoshiya's "Ancient and Modern Collection" has an ancient song is the whisper of youth:

As the years go by, although the body is old

But watching the flowers bloom

There will be no worries.