Meeting you is the spring bloom of my life.

No matter how time changes, I will hold you back, I will still try my best to love you, care for you, love you, give you warmth, give you all my love, so that you will not feel cold every winter.

I know you like to eat oranges. I habitually peel two oranges. I eat one first. You ask me: why do you peel two oranges and you want to eat them first? I said: I often taste and leave the delicious food to you first! You smile and say what you often say; you don't pretend to die! Then obediently let me feed you oranges, I look at your shallow smile, I feel so happy!

On the way back to your dormitory, you whispered gently to me: take me home! I asked deliberately: what did you say? You said loudly: now buy a ticket to take me back to your house! I didn't know what to say at that time. I held you tightly in my arms. Now there was a light rain in the world. I think the rain floated to our faces. I think God was moved by our true love.

When you walked into the dormitory, I found that I could not leave you at all. I was still there until I could not see you, but when you looked back, I put it in the deepest place of memory, we reincarnation, we can have an afterlife, so that I can drink you together for the rest of my life, please let my love for you, endless …

Meet you, is the spring bloom of my life, even if moths to the fire, even if black and blue, even if shattered, my love for you is endless!

I want you to always be a reporter for me. I hope the girl will always have this beautiful encounter between me and you. I hope you will always run into my arms and let me hold you and hold you tightly! I think I am, too, and will always remember every minute we spend together. I can't wait to take you away, take you to a place with you, me, and our home, and live a happy life!

Romance and snow and moon, long songs are ethereal

On the warm winter road, the crowd is sparse.

Murmur love words and hug tightly

It's hard to be affectionate with a kiss

Tianya Cape, rely on in this life

"Jia" is slim and in full bloom.

Qixi Festival Magpie Bridge, love each other all his life.

My eyes only dock for you.

Your smile will never be forgotten

Three thousand weak water, take only one ladle

Author: thousands of miles Mingyue drunk feelings