Life is to live your own scenery.

Life is a random art, we are all irreplaceable dancers! Beauty has its highlights, ugliness has its taste. Just admire yourself. Every contribution to life is the singing of the song of life! Don't expect applause and applause; the long swirl like the sound of birds in the air is the best reward that life can give.

Live out your own pattern, follow your heart to face life, face life! Write the past by hand and write about the future by heart. Pick up a snowflake and send it to spring, hold a bunch of roses hand in hand and set the sun, forget the feelings and enemies that should be forgotten, remember the people and things that can be remembered, do not fight, do not rob, do not be humble, not arrogant, not entangled.

Everyone's life dictionary is full of ups and downs. And you don't know what version it will turn into in other people's interpretation, so don't try to explain anything, don't try to understand and support it! It is important to understand that we are all independent and unreplicable individuals.

In this materialistic world, thousands of life messages are enough to drive people crazy, so why not slow down and understate them. Sadness is an instinctive reaction, while a smile is an expression of ability. We can't go back to the past, but we can start to refresh our lives from now on and live as we like, not to show what we like, but to live for ourselves.

Sometimes we are so comfortable and willing to fall! It is always said that the days are long, so don't worry about people being busy. Unexpectedly, a sigh in the morning lingered in the twilight. To slow down is to adjust the pace of life, it does not mean to stop to live and wait for death! Recognize the direction and understand yourself, in order to have the strength and motivation of life!

Precipitate your inner discontent and hide your excitement. Restore the true self to the cool world; we are all particles in the dust, as long as we have a brilliant moment like fireworks, it is happiness and beauty! Life lies in sports, life; is to obtain life data live into the scenery!

Life is a vanity, over the years, each of us is not trudging in this vanity? You will leave the world with some regrets, and the world will repay you with some regrets. The regret you give to the world will be unfortunately drowned by the noise of the world!

The regret the world gives you is just regret! So it's because you can't escape, not because you can't catch it. Work hard, cherish it, and have a clear conscience. Leave the rest to fate! The greatest wealth of life is that no matter how you live, you are satisfied with yourself. Work hard but don't force it. After considering failure before the design is successful, there will be less trouble. Reading and appreciation of American articles

If you think of the world badly, it is even worse than you think, because that is the revenge of the world on you after you spoil the world. If you think of the world as beautiful, it is even better than you see, because that is the reward the world gives you after you beautify it.

Social people occupy the space of the natural world to survive, it is best not to lie to life, because the law of life is tit for tat, it does not bully you, you had better not deceive it. Remember one sentence: people are doing, heaven is watching!

Don't think about being envied by others, or your height will always be on the cloud-shrouded top of the mountain. Don't think about deceiving yourself, or your destination will never end! Beyond the contentment that you can touch, regard it as a kind of luck.

Don't be afraid of other people's jealousy, because jealousy itself is a kind of looking up. Do not be inexplicably jealous of others, because jealousy will only increase annoyance and boredom, be who you really are, eat human fireworks, live a contented life, do not compare, not humble, and be content.

Learn to bear the slap of fate! Some scenery can only be enjoyed but not collected. No matter how bad the world is, your own world must be wonderful. No matter how dark the heart is, your heart must be bright. Write the sunshine on your face and hide your loneliness in your heart.

Cold and arrogant; instead of low-quality social interaction, it is better to be alone with high quality! There are many people who meet in life, but few people know each other. There are many acquaintances in life, but few depend on each other. Thousands of people in the world; the end of 3000 prosperous, scattered a window of misty rain, relying on the fence the only witness is the scenery!

Be who you really are; follow your heart. Let nature take its course, get indifferent, let every happy day warm life extension, this is the highest state of life