Happiness is the most beautiful appearance of you.

Bensheng said: the greatest happiness in life lies not in what you possess, but in the process of what you pursue.

Time is in a hurry, there is wind and rain, there is mud, each of us live in gain and loss every day, in fact, think carefully, as long as you have a healthy body, simple happiness, is the greatest gain!

Do not care too much, do not ask too much, people live to learn to be willing, learn to be indifferent, as long as maintain an insipid state of mind, choose kindness, learn to be grateful, I believe your life will be full of peace!

The beauty of life is to reap happiness. Because people can not have too much, as long as understand the meaning of life, understand life, attentively enjoy the happiness that can be seen and touched, insist on what should be persisted, give up what should not, and bear the snow, rain, wind and frost of the world, then experience is the treasure of life.

Life, how can there be no defects, life can not be fault-free, only look aside, look down on, look down on, life is no longer heavy.

To know that life has been in a hurry for decades, the future is not long, on the big stage of life, no one will go smoothly, everyone has been frustrated and confused, as long as you learn to forget and let go, you will be in a good mood!

The beauty of life is to reap happiness. I believe there is no trench or river in this world that cannot be crossed.

As long as we work hard, work with our own principles, live up to our time with a free and easy heart, and learn to live up to the insipid life of firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar tea, work hard and do not envy others, no matter what reality gives back to us, we should choose to be strong and happy and face everything with an optimistic attitude.

As the saying goes: those who are gentle are naturally kind. Those who are magnanimous are naturally detached. Those who are far-reaching are naturally open. Those who have tolerance will naturally rejoice.

The beauty of life is to reap happiness. If you are alive, you must be a person with a clear heart. If you are in a clear mood, your heart will always face the sunshine. Just because life is a passer-by, there is no need for thousands of knots.

As long as you have an open mind, more tolerance and understanding, do not hesitate to encounter setbacks, do not fear the temptation of greed, even if life is not perfect, you will be able to withstand the ups and downs of the world; even if life is not perfect, as long as you live healthily and happily, I believe that such a life is naturally happy!

The beauty of life is to reap happiness. Only pursue simple happiness, live happily, live happily, think of everything for the good, look for the good, be open-minded, calm, open, do not seek false fame, do not admire luxury, grasp the yardstick of being a man, in the limited long river of life, enjoy every moment happily, live every day well, is happiness!

Just because happiness is the joy of the heart, happiness is the satisfaction of the heart! Only by making life simple, relaxing life, soothing the spirit, letting the soul dock, and knowing how to be content, then life is meaningful and truly happy!

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